What is Elder Fuller up to?

February 25, 2011



MARCH 27, AT 9:00AM Elder Fuller’s HOMECOMING will be  at our Church House in Riverton ( 1300 WEST 12900 SOUTH) across from the Golf Course.

You are all invited to come and hear him share his amazing missionary experience, as well as, come over to our house afterwards in Bluffdale for food and fun. 1711 W River View Drive (15730 S)

December 22-2010


Elder Fuller in Front of the Curitiba Temple

The Nativity Scene at the Curitiba Temple

Merry Christmas

October 28, 2010

 Elder Fuller’s letter section is up to date. His experiences will make you laugh and cry all at the same time! There are also plenty of new pics to go with his letters! Hope you enjoy!


Elder Friere and Fuller's most recent Baptism's

September 22, 2010

Elder Fuller is doing great and loving his mission! He just sent us a link to a blog his New Mission President has created! Here is the link!


September 1 , 2010

Elder Fuller just sent home this picture with today’s email and letter! Check out the new letter in his letter section and here is one of the pictures from this past weeks baptisms!

Elder Fuller with Stefani, Ediomans, Ejivoneci, Louis, Alejandre, Junior

August 20,2010

Elder Fuller is in a new area called Ponta Grossa anda District Leader over sister missionaries. He has an awesome companion. They are working extremely hard and loving every minute of it. He has only 7 months left on the mission and he said he has to work even harder because their is still so much to do! Here is a picture of his new district!

July 7, 2010

Well Elder Fuller has been a District leader for three months now! He is doing so awesome on his mission! Just last week they changed Mission Presidents! As a going a way present for the previous mission president they set a goal in the Curitiba mission  to reach 200 baptisms for their mission president! All of the missionaries worked so hard and they were very blessed and were able to bring 202 people into this amazing gospel of Jesus Christ! Elder Fuller is so very busy and loving every minute of it!!

This past week his best friend back home, Braiden Rindlisbacher recieved his mission call to Atlanta, Georgia! C’Jay was so happy for him that he said he couldn’t even hold back the tears!! WAY TO GO BRAIDEN!!! We are all so happy and proud of you!!!

July 5, 2010

Just 6 weeks ago his sister Kaylee was able to be sealed in the Draper temple to her sweetheart, Andrew Powers. We really missed not having C’Jay here so we made a life size version of his picture and we had him with us all day!

March 31, 2010

On March 24, 2010 CJay reached his ONE YEAR MARK! We cannot believe just how fast this past year has gone!! We miss him and love to hear from him each week! We are so happy that he is loving his mission and enjoying every minute of it. He was in the last area for eight months and was very excited about his transfer to Alfonsus Pena. This area has been closed for a while and they just reopened it. He is the district leader  and very excited to increase the membership in this new area!

We just received a cd full of his pics and videos   from the past 4 months. Check out the New video : “All times All things and All places”  to see Elder Fullers new pics and videos. His letters section are also updated as well!!!

March 7, 2010

Hey everyone Elder Fuller is doing well and having an awesome time serving the amazing people of Curitiba, Brazil! He became senior companion about 3 months ago. Two weeks ago he became a district leader! He is loving the mission and enjoying every minute of it! I updated the letters section so you can catch up on what he is doing! I also posted a new video from the first nine months of his mission! On March 24, 2010 Elder Fuller will have been serving the people in Brazil for ONE YEAR!!! 

 December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

WOW I am a slacker!!! Thats at least what C’Jay called me today in his latest e-mail/letter (see letters from cjay). So today I spent the afternoon updating his blog!!! SORRY SON! With my school finals and Kaylee and J’Dee getting sick on me its been a little bit crazy! I will try and do my best to keep your site updated!!!

He is doing well and is very happy! He is so excited to call home on Christmas Day! AND WE ARE SOOOO EXCITED to hear from him! I did not get a call from him last Mothers Day because he was in the MTC. So hearing from him will be the best Christmas present we could ever asked for!!!!!

Here are some pictures that he sent home for us! I told him I am going to make a lifesize copy of him and put him right next to our Christmas Tree!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Still just one of the Kids!!!

Merry Christmas


September 23, 2009  (6 WHOLE MONTHS! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT HIS MISSION IS  GOING BY SO FAST! (Wow boy how times flies) 

Elder Fuller just wrote home today and gave me a link to a blog of the Curitiba mission, he said in his letter to go to it and see the pics from the parade. He is in some of them! He said that as the hundreds of missionaries walked through the parade the people would all cheer and clap! He said it was the most amazing thing and that he will never forget it!!  He also said that i should check back often and be able to see whats going on in the mission….. but I think he forgot that none of us know how to speak Portugese! haha! So I better get on that! haha!

Oh ya and one more thing… I just received another sd card so dont forget to check out the new pics. I cannot believe what he is eating down there!!!

September 2, 2009

Yes it has been a crazy last few months! C’Jay is doing awesome and loving it every day! With many baptisms already under his belt, he is on fire teaching the gospel to people ready to hear the truth! I finally updated all of his pages today so check out his letters that he sends home each week by email! You will laugh and yes you will cry!!!

July 15, 2009
WOW The last six weeks have been amazing in his area of Timbu Curitiba! He has had many ups and downs learning the language. After agreeing to marry a woman’s 15 year old daughter, calling people names on accident, and  being chased by dogs;  He really has learned to fast and pray for help  to be able to get this language down. In fact last weeks letter stated that the day he fasted and prayed for help was the first day he spoke Braziliaan Portugese the entire day! So he decided he would not eat for the next two years just so he could speak fluently! haha! But  even through all of these struggles he has been so blessed to have six people want to be baptized, two of them were baptized 3 days ago. He writes: 
  “I baptized my first person yesterday and his name is Mateus! He is so cool and right before I dunked him he looked up and gave me the biggest and brightest smile! It was so awesome and such a great experience!”

“”We have been working with this family of 5 that have been living with each other for 6 years but not married yet! We had a family night with some members for them and we watched the movie TOGETHER FOREVER it was so amazing because they agreed to get married then and baptized too! It was so spiritual!”

“Watch the movie TOGETHER FOREVER this weekend and pray for this family for us!:)”

C’Jay also informed us that he got his first transfer……. in the same area with the same compainion. We told him that it sounds like you two are just getting started in this area and your work is not done here yet!  So check out the letter section for a more detatils!


C'Jay and his companion from the MTC! Saying goodbye

June 21,2009
C’Jay has been in Timbu for almost 4 weeks now! He was quite an adjustment getting used to the real world of Brazil! But after his rough first week he is doing well and loving every minute of it! He sent us a package with a small gift for each of us to remember Sao Paulo! He also sent his SD card from his camera  filled with pictures and videos, which we have absolutely loved! I have added a few pictures but will be adding some funny videos! So check them out! Also check out the new letters from the past 3 weeks!

cjay and companion

May 13, 2009

             Elder Fuller has been in the Sao Paulo, Brazil MTC  now for seven weeks!  We have watched our son grow from a boy to a man! It is amazing to see this happen! He is sharing scriptures and his testimony with us through his letters. We have laughed and cried as we have watched this happen!  Even though he has had some challenging times learning the language he seems  to be so happy!  He has learned to ”Include God” in all that he is learning and doing. He said that with Gods help you can accomplish anything!  He has learned to ask him for help in prayer each day and has found that God does answer every  prayer!  It is so amazing to see our Son figure this out for himself.  I am now understanding what everyone meant when they said that missions really do change lives!  C’Jay is gaining a personal relationship with the Savior as he comes to rely on him each day! We are so proud of C’Jay and his dedication to learning the gospel in Portugese.  He also mentioned in a letter to his sister that he wished he would of stayed awake in seminary more! He said that this learning process would definately be a whole lot easier! HAHA!

(To read  more of C’Jay’s letter from this week, go to letters from Brazil)

March 24, 2009

Today C’Jay left for the Sao Paulo Brazil Missionary Training Center (MTC)! It was quite an emotional day for all of us except C’Jay he was so excited and ready to go. The last vision of  him was going up the escalator with two other missionaries with a huge smile on his facing waving goodbye to all of us!

You will be missed C'Jay! You will be missed C’Jay! 


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