Letters from Brazil


C‘Jay’s 87th letter

November 17, 2010

 So transfers were yesterday and I was transferred back to the center of Curitiba and there I will find a sick nativity set for you guys. So I got sent to a place called the 2nd ward here and I was called to be a zone leader as well in the middle of Curitiba. I’m pretty stoked about it and I can’t wait to start working, So ya my comp is one of my friends that were in the MTC with me in São Paulo. We have the exact same time on the mission and he is the bomb. Elder Treasure. I’m so excited. I left my son, Elder Stevenson now, it’s his second transfer and he is off the nipple and on to steak already. He will do great. I will greatly miss that area but one thing is that i am so excited to just tear it up here now, its not even funny. We are going to start church ball in our ward here and it is going to pay off again. So I’m kind of excited now because I can start to lead a zone and help our zone become the best zone on the miss. I’m pretty sure that we are going to do it now and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to just be money. I got a lot of work behind me now.

We are going to find tons of people and we are going to baptize some pretty sweet families here. I just need some prayers:) if you guys could keep praying for me that would be great. Keep me in your prayers so that i can find the elects of the lord. I love you all and i will send the pictures to you next week because i actually left my camera home today because i had to wake up at 4:30 to get here so im really not there in my brain now, I’m tired. But ya i love you all and i wish i could get that email from you guys soon because i just haven’t got it yet:) We’ll see you all later, LOVE ELDER FULLER

C‘Jay’s 86th letter

November 10, 2010

Fishing on P-DAY 11-10-10

ELder Fuller as Trainer


Hey guys you all make me so trunky its not even funny. So first off i just wanted to say that i went fishing with my district and i caught tilapia, pacu, and some other fish that looked like a carp with rabbit teeth. I caught 6 fish today and it was a blast. Even though we fished at our local paradise ponds we had a blast and we got in for free! It was awesome, we have some pics that i will try to send of my pacu( its one kilo{2 pounds} related to the pirana, its cool) I will see if i can send it with this email to you guys. I don’t have my biggest fish picture with me because my camera died but my district has them and i will show them too you all next time. But ya your letters made me so trunky and i love it. I can’t wait to get home and do all that fun stuff again.

Shaniah, i can’t wait to make you a extra large slide it will be awesome sis:) haha Thanks for keeping all these movies for us to watch, i heard that avatar is a sweet movie, did i hear right? I guess 4 more months and i will now for myself right:)


Jdee. I am so glad that you will give me that pin that makes me feel good man! Im so glad that you want to serve a mission, when i get back i will tell you how and what you need to do to become a great missionary because i was lost when i came here so im going to prepare you to become a leader man. Also ask dad on some tips to get started right now, he can help you out. Good luck at the eagle thing. I’m so proud of you, did you know that to even be qualified to come to brazil you have to be an eagle scout and you have to graduate seminary as well, wouldn’t that be cool if you came to my mission when you are old enough to go on one.

 Mom im so excited to stay home and make cookies with you in less than 16 weeks. It’s going to be a blast when i get into school and i will have you do all my homework for me, because you love it so much and you are great at it too. haha 

Dad I’m so excited for the new job that you have and i am going to have you help me find some mysteries of god in the temple if you could:) I will go to the temple every week when i get back, because it is so profound inside its not even funny. So ya keep me updated and i have always wanted to know more about your mission and how it was when you went. I guess that will be a great conversation when we get back, just to talk about our missions!

So ya that will be cool and i hope you all are planning on that trip to Powell this next summer cause I am. I actually want to get my scuba diving lessons done before we go, so if you could look into that that will also be a great Christmas/ birthday present for me:) Wow I am just excited. So ya fam, my president took me out to dinner, just me him and my comp the other night after the interviews(it is rare that that ever happens) and it was awesome, in fact I actually got a revelation of what I think I want to do when I grow up! I think I want to go into business, that’s what he did and he was explaining it to me and I think I would be good at it:) we will see right. I don’t know I just need to go to the temple and pray!!! But ya please pray for me and help me to know a little bit of what i want to do with my life:) haha Well i love you all and have a great day and a great next week. I will talk to you all next week….p.s. don’t forget to tell me what my present is:) LOVE ELDER FULLER 

C‘Jay’s 85th letter

November 3, 2010


We buzzed  our hair in my zone to start off our goal of baptisms of 60 in one month.

So this week was great we had another baptism in our area. His name is Igor and he is 10 years old, his older sister is Ingrid and she was baptized 2 weeks ago so we are working with their family and their parents to get married. It is so hard to find people that are hitched here in Brazil. But its all good, its all part of the mission. So ya my comp is doing great with the language and is actually speaking good for a gringo. We are working with a family of 11 and four of them or 5 will be baptized this week because they are extremely ready and more excited then i was for my baptism. Ya as you guessed it the parents have to get married as well. We are working on that too, it takes about two weeks to do it so it puts a hold on things a little. So other then the heat and the summer starting up again that seemed like it never went away in the first place, we are good, and just enjoying life here in the land of brazil

I hope you all have a good day and i hope that you all will not forget about me yet:) haha jk. Well ya Christmas is in the air and Thanksgiving is coming up too. Me and my comp have decided to go out for thanksgiving day to McDonalds and feast there. It’s been 1 year and 7 months without my mcdees. So i will probably need some extra cash to go for that day if you could, its expensive there. haha So ya thats the news for this week. Love you all and i hope i get your e mails within the next 10 min. or i will be gone until next week:) haha well see ya later 




C‘Jay’s 84th letter

October 27, 2010

Hey guys, so i am doing really good down here and satan is again letting up a little on the battle because we had found a family of 11 and 7 of them are at the age of baptism:) They are all so excited to get baptized already and they all love the sports at the church as well. Today we went to eat ice cream with the stake president and he is so excited about all the success that we are having in our areas. We are being so blessed and my district that I’m over is still the heart of the mission, i have never had such good missionaries to help in my whole mission, they are awesome and i am learning some good management skills with them as well. So this last past week this family that we had baptized(my favorite family) was just Chilin and we were talking and stuff until i went outside to take a phone call and after that phone call, i came back in and Rosi( my other mom that adopted me in brazil) said to me, hey i want to tell you something Fuller. I remember the first time you arrived at our house. That night, Anselmo(husband) was drunk and fighting with Junior about stupid things. When i was washing dishes i said a prayer that god could do something and an send and angel to help her and her  family. She told me, that right as she had finished washing that very same dish she heard a clap at the front gate, When she saw us she almost started to cry, but she let us in to see. When we came in we taught a first lesson just like we always do. But they were really receptive and when we went back we taught about the word of wisdom and challenged all of them to live the word of wisdom and when we did Anselmo said that he would never drink again. When she finished telling me that story she told me that she had tried to get her husband to stop drinking wine for 9 years, and nothing worked. But she asked me, “How did you do it”? I told her that it was the same way that people decide to get baptized and why kings with great power in the book of Mormon get on their knees to repent, I told her that it was the spirit and that the spirit is the only being that can convince man. She was so grateful and said that is my testimony that i will never forget.!! It is the best when you see and feel the progress of an investigator, i absolutely love it! Its sooo cool.

J’Dee, Great we got another road rager on the road again, be safe man. Shaniah I’m pretty sure there is a weight limit on the car so just be careful when you step in the door. It’s hard to drive when the car is weighted down. Well love you all got to go and sleep I’m dead. LOVE ELDER FULLER 

C‘Jay’s 83rd letter

October 20, 2010

I just found out that i get home march 16th so ya i leave one week early because of the passports.

So about this last week… well it was good and we are hanging in there. We actually have been having all kinds of difficulties and every day i wake up tired as crap thinking to myself, great what is satan going to throw at us today. It’s kind of tiring and just messes with your head. I always remember what dad told me right before the mission that kind of lets me know that it’s not just me that feels it, he said that The mission is the hardest thing that you will ever do in your life. Ya he was right about that! It’s so true. It messes with your mind 24 hours a day and physically messes with you too. So as you know our area is the heart of the mission and it seems that it’s not just us that is being tested by satan but it’s all the areas here. But it looks like satan goes for a little bit with all his force and tries to get the weak ones and then all of the sudden it just stops for a sec and just starts raining down blessings. So ya i hope it’s coming soon because i just need some good news and some blessings as well.

So this last week my comp got sick but he is a stud and he is still just working hard. We are doing well and we are also being blessed with some good families that we are teaching they are cool and are loving our messages. I’m so glad that I’m out here and soon little jdee will be down here teaching and just tearing it up as well. Jdee you are going to love it man, i was so scared to come down here at first but later it was the bom and you learn to love it so much. The only advise that i would give you is to study the Book of Mormon i learn so many cool things from that book that it is not even funny. I also like Revelations That’s a sick one to read as well it’s about prophesies that already happened and will happen too, you have to read it and think about what happened and what is going on in the world now and you will see. Start it up man it’s cool. Maybe i will show you some cool stuff that my mission pres showed me in there when i get back.


C‘Jay’s 82nd letter

October 13, 2010

Hey guys so, let me tell you about this week. So we started working in our area and we noticed that everyone was kind of looking at us a little strangely, and for two days strait we didn’t enter into one single house even our investigators that were really excited about being baptized. So came Sunday and one of our recent converts comes in and tells our bishopric that some preacher has been going around telling everyone that we have been teaching and everyone in the neighborhood that we are pedophiles. So that comment took us back to ground 1 again, we are basically rebuilding everything that we lost again. So ya my comps first week on the mission was probably the worst week that he will ever have on the mission. Haha what a good welcome to brazil party that they threw for him right. So ya what i do as a trainer is i train a new missionary how to become a good missionary. He doesn’t understand any Portuguese and he doesn’t talk well either, so i will have to help learn that as well. Well the good thing is that we are going to be working really hard and can you believe it this Sunday i will just have 5 months until I’m home.

Heat up the pool and pray for the sun because i look just like I’m still wearing a shirt when i take it off, i need some sun. Also get a blockbuster card and lots of popcorn and hamburgers because its one month movie time when i get back. I have made so many awesome friends on the mission and we all have decided that we are going to do the movie night and also the beard as well. But ya keep praying for me and this area.

I hope that you are are all doing great and i hope that everyone is being blessed. Good luck and go have some fun.


C‘Jay’s 81st letter

October 6, 2010

Alright here are some baptisms for the last past weeks. I have been so excited for the success that we have had. But now i know why we were so blessed because i knew that i would be tried. We had transfers yesterday and president called me himself and told me that i will be training. So a gave birth to a beautiful blue eyed baby boy and i named his Elder Stevenson, He is my son as they call it on the mission. Ya he is cool but the only down side is that my son is taller than his father(me) Now i know how dad feels. He is American so i will help him learn Portuguese. I’m way excited and president told me that to be a trainer is the most important calling you can get on the mission. I’m excited. Well take a look at the pics that me and elder freire baptized:)I’m completely stoked about being a leader. Yes i will miss my best comp that i had on my mission.

Recent Baptisms









More Baptisms


C‘Jay’s 80th letter

September 29, 2010

 So this last week was a great week and we had some more baptisms. I will have to send you some pics of the baptisms that we have had this past month. Our zone has broke the record for baptisms in one month for our mission. We had 52 baptisms and our district baptized 27 of them. It’s all been miracles here in our area. We are now seeing the fruits of our works and they are bringing more fruits to join the other fruits and the fruits that they are receiving. Its awesome and me and my comp have got 5 more Thursday and another 5 Sunday in between general conference it is raining baptisms in our area. But i say all this in the humblest way possible, but sometimes it’s good to brag a little when you suffered so much. I have learned so much and love to see these people get so excited when they make that change in their lives. We are hoping that we don’t get transferred because we want to stay together as a companionship so bad, but we will have to see what the lord has planned for us. Me and my comp have become really great friends and we have made plans to work together after the mission internationally with a few things. He wants to study here in the states so i told him that he could use our apartment for a month or until he finds a job and then he can rent an apartment. I don’t know if you guys are cool with that, but i think that it would be really cool. We got some cool plans that we will be doing after we get our careers started. It will be really cool. But, ya that’s our plans and that is what we have been talking about lately. Well i just hope that tilee is all trained up for when i get back because she is going to be dead tired from all the birds that i will be dropping. Shanaiah, i hope you like the Justin Bieber dvd and i hope you are still driving everyone nuts with that stupid Baby Baby Baby song that he sings. It’s getting popular here and i just can’t stop hearing it all day from cars and houses that play it down here, its horrible.

 Dad good luck with the hunt, you know that if i was with you i would go every day until we shot that thing. But don’t worry moms good luck and you will get him this week!! Mom make me look good, get in there and scare that moose out of the woods for dad to get a shot. Thanks also for all the things you guys are doing for me and i can feel your prayers every day that I’m here. Let me know if you guys need something and i will be there to help. I love you all

Love you all and have a great week, next week i will send our pictures of our baptisms from last week, this last Sunday, this Thursday, and this next Sunday. Pray for them:) love you all:) Love Elder Fuller 

C‘Jay’s 79th letter

September 22, 2010

Hey guys if you want to learn more and see more about our mission it’s on the website curitibamission.blogspot.com its great and it explains a lot about what is going on down here. Also they will put some pictures of my zone up this week. So check it out!

Hey guys so this week was amazing and was just filled with miracles as well. Well me and my comp we have been working so hard these past few weeks that we are literally too exhausted to do anything on pday except rest. But we are also seeing the fruits of our work here. Just this last Sunday we had 22 investigators at church. We had 5 baptisms ( i will show pictures next week) and our frequency was 91 people in sacrament meeting which usually is 45:) It was awesome!! We are so glad to see the work moving and pressing forward here. I don’t want to sound like one those look at me and what i have done, but i just have to share it with somebody to show the miracles that are happening here because of our prayers, your prayers and many other prayers that are said for the missionaries.

My companion is one of my best comps that i have had on the mission. We are just dominating the mission and we have been leading our whole mission with baptisms for this month. When i came here to Jardim Europa i felt so overwhelmed with everything and i was dying working alone and then came Elder Freire who worked alone as well on his whole mission. We butted heads so much at the first but now it’s like we are at one and we are just dominating in helping people. This ward is needing so much help and the lord is blessing them so much. This next week we are going to help a lot more people get baptized and we are so excited. We have been so busy that i just can’t wait for a vacation when i get back, but i still have energy and time left until i can even start thinking about it! I am so excited!! Don’t forget to pray because my gosh i have not had so many difficulties in my entire life, its such a mental, physical, and spiritual exhausting experience here. It would be impossible to even imagine starting something like this if you knew what it was really like:) But it is soo great and sooooo rewarding at the same time that it would be impossible to not start it if you knew about the blessings that come. What keeps me going……… i don’t know i will just trust the lord.. he knows what’s best! I’m just here to learn and to follow. Well I’m so grateful for this exhaustion in my life and can’t believe that i even have something in me that just keeps saying try harder. I feel that when i get set apart in the stake presidents office and he says, “you have now been set apart from being a missionary” that my body will just collapse and then i will wake up three days later in the hospital bed hooked up to the life machine. Just joking I’m not that tired yet but i have heard stories. haha Well i love you all and wish you the best luck and let everyone be safe and healthy as well. See you all next week, we have transfers and i hope i don’t get transferred this next week! Love you all!!


C‘Jay’s 78th letter

September 17, 2010

Hey mom I’m sorry it took until today to write you, it was just that wed we went to a cool place with a member and didn’t get back until exactly 6 o clock. So that took our whole P-day:) haha and then i get a phone call saying that my worried mother was concerned because i didn’t write here, and then i got chewed out by president for not taking time to write my mom:)haha sorry mom i promise it won’t happen again, by the way i am copying some pics of our site seeing 2 days ago. So everything is going great here we are working our heads off because we want to baptize so much here we just want to meet our goal which is 15 in this month and we are praying that it will happen here soon. So also i will be sending some pictures to you all right now so just look at them, also i traded my camera with my comp because he had a underwater camera so i took it and on our trip i took some pictures of some fish in a little cave it is such a sick camera and its Fuji film too so its even better. Just take a look. So the other pictures were at two different places two hidden waterfalls that are really well known here in ponta grossa


Elder Fuller having fun with the Kids!


Elder Friere and Elder Fuller in a cave waterfall

Waterfall in a cave



The cave waterfall


C’Jay’s 77th letter.

September 8, 2010


J’Dee Happy Birthday to you!!!! It was a little late but you have to forgive me because I am in over my head with all the things that are going on down here!! I’m kind of jealous that you have all those decoys now, but at the same time I just keep having dreams of ducks and geese deacing in!! It’s going to be legit when i get back. Also mom and dad i have been doing the calculations on the things that you buy to spoil the younger kids and have also added the 2 years of serving a mission, the 10 percent tax for being the oldest and best son, and have also included selling my civic, and have come to find out that all has added up, just to be even with everyone, to be 1 truck of my dreams. I wouldn’t doubt it there is no need, It’s pretty amazing what you can do with about 6 months of budgeting:)haha just kidding, i have been thinking about it and i am going to get a good job after the mission to pay for the truck that i want!! But also i will use the power of prayer. haha
So about me this week was cool because we held an activity at the church and we watched Ice Age 3 with the whole ward why they all watched we served drinks and popcorn during the whole movie, it was a success because we had 17 investigators there and a lot of members too, especially the less actives and in actives too. Its was really cool. Then we went on a division with our recent convert and he bore his testimony to one of our investigators, and it was the coolest testimonies of the book of Mormon that i have ever heard other than the one that Elder Holland gave that one conference. This Friday we will be having another baptism,then the next week her two kids will be baptized too. But other than that life is normal and chill down her in Ponta Grossa. I will tell you what’s going on next week but I hope everyone is good and healthy besides shaniah and her obesity i already knew that she is not healthy, but besides that just let everyone know that i love them and miss them and can’t wait until i will be there to hunt and enjoy life again with them all!!! I’m telling you i am going up on top of the mountain with all of you with my guitar, (TRUCK), and i will play and grow a beard for one week straight when i get back. It’s going to be sweet!!! love you all and have a great week! Love Elder Fiddle


C’Jay’s 76th letter

September 1, 2010

I have had such a great week this last week and i have also had such a great helping experience as well. I have come to see all of my mistakes and difficulties and the lord is molding me and every other missionary out there the way that he needs us. That’s definitely a great testimony for me. This past couple of weeks we have had some great experiences, one of them is with this family that tried to get there dad to stop drinking wine and coffee for about 6 years. Well when we began to teach this family, we taught them and they liked it a lot. Then a few days later we taught them about the word of wisdom and from that day, about 2 weeks ago, he has stopped drinking coffee and wine, and this last Sunday, there oldest son was baptized that is 21 years old. We tried to help them all get baptized on that same day but they said that they were going to go to their cabin, but Junior (their oldest son) stayed home because he wanted to set the example for his family. So during the baptism and right before we started, Anselmo( juniors dad) Came running in to watch his son get baptized, when junior saw his dad he started to cry and they both gave a big huge hug to each other. It was really cool and made me think about dad and i when i get back! Also we have been working really hard to get this ward going again for the past months because they only have about 45 active members in this ward. This last week we almost doubled the frequency with 80 people in sacrament meeting, 4 in active member families and 10 investigators, and 6 baptisms to top it off. Then this friday  my comp and I set up an activity in our ward, we will be having a movie night in our ward and will watch a Disney movie. Then my comp & I  have also set up English class, soccer games on wed, and volley ball on Saturday. Since we don’t have a bishop we have been struggling with our ward, but finally we just decided that someone had to do something and we went for it. Now with tons of work we are starting to see the fruits of it all. I have almost cried a lot of times these past weeks, but it was all worth it when the stake president who was there this last week came up to us and said,” thank you and congratulations for the marvelous work you have done for this ward, it was needing it.” I felt so good and now we are coming up on the part where we just baptize the heck out of this place. All the members are stoked! Well i am just truly grateful to be on the mission and for sure i will be blessed after, in fact I am keeping God to his word:) Well that has been about me and next week i will tell you how some more of these baptisms are going our goal is 15 this next month, and it is already looking good:) Well I love you all and i will be sending pictures of the baptisms here in a sec to you. See you all later and take care and be safe and do what is right! xau galeira

     P.S. Shaniah i found a dvd of music videos of Justin beiber that i sent to you last week i hope you like it. Mom you can take a look at it, i thought it was just a cd but it was actually a dvd. I dont know how he is, i hope he isn’t dirty and crude, if he is just break it in half and tell shanaiah to go read the Book of Mormon:) haha I love you shamuu. Peace home dawgs and give a Beijão to koda for me.

Send some picts of the hunts too:) LOVE YOU ALL XAU


C’Jay’s 75th letter

August 25, 2010

Hey guys. So this week sounds like it was pretty fun for you all. I was being really tried this last week with my new comp and with our investigators. First off my comp and i we stayed together. But on the third day he was really feeling bad. It was pretty rough on him for the first week that he was almost convinced to go home from the mission, but thanks to the lord and the spirit i convinced him that that wasn’t a good idea. Then i told him that he would regret it in the long run. So 2 days after that he told me thanks for saving his mission. Then we were talking today and he said that he has been writing a journal on his mission and after his mission will be writing a book. He said that i will be in this book

So also this week was an awesome week for us we are going to baptize a lot of people here in the next weeks and we can’t wait. I love the work and how it shapes someone’s life. God exists and he loves us and wants all of us to know it too. Prayers help us to get over trials. The spirit guides us in the directions God has planned for us. The prophets we have today are without a doubt in my mind seers and revelators that guide us as if God was on the earth. Ik now that these things are true and i know that we can live together forever as a family eternally and not just until death separates us. I know these things because they were answered by my simple prayers. I love you all and thanks for the support that you are all giving me it helps in the difficult times and i hope you all have a great week. I have to go for now but see you all soon. And keep up the crappy shots and save the big ones for me when i get home.


C’Jay’s 74th letter

August 18, 2010

So just keep me up to date on the hunts and tell me about the big ones that get away this year. haha ya right i have seemed to be good luck when I’m down here for you guys. But just take lots of pictures and send them to me. I’m really excited because i got a cool comp now that is Brazilian, his name is Elder Freire and he is from Natal in brazil. It’s up on the corner top part of brazil and he lives on the top floor of the highest apartment building on the beach it’s a sick view. I saw pictures and his house is on a post card too. Well ya he’s awesome and we are going to baptize a lot. I’m excited. Well we got transfers in a week and this one now is not permanent, but i hope i stay because it will be cool. Well we have tons of people that are being prepared. I’m so excited. Its finally starting to warm up a little more now so I’m excited about that. Well also we went to a big meat buffet like Rodizio grill but 50 times better today and it was amazing, all you can eat meat that they serve on the swords. You thought that rodizio was good. I’m definitely taking you guys here when we come here! It is so good. So all is well with me and i am having a great time. But i hope you all have a great time too and keep safe!! Love you guys and Keep me up to date and send me pictures of the hunts and of everything. See you guys

C’Jay’s 73rd letter

August 11, 2010

  This is me being me. and other pictures of our district. Fishing sucked but we brought our guitars and we played and they brought food and we ate too. It was cool because i could see the fish and all but they just weren’t hungry for what i had. But o well We will try later when we come down here next year:)


August 9, 2010

Hey mom, so this week we are going to do an activity with our district and the district(sisters too) wants to go fishing so we are all are going to go fishing but i am running a little bit short on money for Miocão (worms) so if you could put some in that should cover me until next week:) If you could put that in by tomorrow that would be great thanks mom i hope the trip went well and i hope that your are all well and not hurt. I love you and your still the best mom in the world! Tell dad i love him and tell jdee that he stinks and shanaiah that she’s fat:)hehe See ya all later and i will put some pictures on of our fishing trip this wed. BYE! Até mais minha família ótima!


C’Jay’s 72nd letter

August 4 , 2010

You guys are so funny and you all just are trying your hardest to get me trunky, I’m telling you what that ya it is definitely working. So about my week, today it is about 56 degrees and i am freezing and we decided to go fishing so we went to the bottom of our area and tried to fish, when we got there it started the Brazilian rain that just goes on forever without stopping. So we were freezing, wet , and cold at the same time, that made it hard. I ended up buying a rod and a reel and some leader for the taraira that we were fishing for ( they are big with big teeth and have a weird shape to them), and today was basically a scouting day for the next p-day. But i asked some native fisherman about how where and what to use to catch them and they directed me to a guy that sells miocão( which looks like a foot long earth worm) so ya we are excited to go because he gave us his house address and we are going to go with him because he said that he will show us how a real brazilian fishing day is! So we will see if it will work out next week. So im glad you are all having fun and doing some cool stuff. Keep me informed and don’t forget to send the pictures next week. I miss you guys and we better travel that much when i get back! Keep up the fun and save some of this energy for when i get back:) See all and have a belo dia.

    Um abraço e beijos para minha maé: Elder Fuller


C’Jay’s 71st letter

July 28th , 2010

. Well i love p-days cause that’s a day that it is alright to feel a little trunky, and i love feeling trunky for one day it gets my mind off the stress. So also i just wanted to tell you that my new president is the bomb and he is letting us go fishing on p-days. I talked to him and asked him if it was a rule that we can’t fish on the mission and he told me that he already has his fly rod on the way to brazil:) haha So he said that we could go and that me and him would go some time too. So i was thinking of buying a 30 dollar pole with a reel and everything to keep it on my mission, would that be a problem with you guys? Im so excited because next pday we are going down to a lake to fish with a member, it will be really sweet. I’m excited to get down there and fish. they said that they have some fish that you have to catch with a leader wire because of their teeth. It will be cool. So before this next pday I’m going to buy that. Well also it is already time for me to go because we got back late today, But you guys have a great vacation and don’t get eaten by a bear. Be careful i want to see you guys when i get back from the mission. Also we will be having another baptism this week and we are really excited for it. I love you all and i will be writing more next week. You guys have a great night and week. If you could send that stuff to me that would be great. Love you all. BYE

C’Jay’s 70th  letter

July 21st , 2010

What’s up guys. So i just wanted to say that my district we had 6 baptisms this week and we are hoping for more than that this next week if all goes well. So i am so excited because our zone is filled with the best missionaries on the mission. We were talking with our zone leader and he said that president called him and said to our Zone Leaders that he had put in the example zone for our mission and that was us. President said in his own words that he “Loaded our Zone up with the best missionaries in the mission to just dominate this area.” We have been so blessed just last week we taught about 27 lessons without counting two days that we didn’t have time to work. Yesterday we taught 9 lessons and were so proud about it! Our Zone is packed. The sisters that I’m over are freaking awesome. They average about 20 people every week at the church who are not members. This last week two of the best sisters marked 41 dates for baptism. The other group had 4 baptisms. I as the district leader have to be the example in my district and when i came we had 0 dates marked but just last week we marked 15 dates and these people are pretty firm dates. I am so freaking excited because finally the lord has answered my prayers and put me with a group that actually wants to work.. We are literally going to be the best district on the mission and our goal is 21 baptisms, we just need 10 more before the end of this month and we made our goal. This next week we have 5 dates that are really set and ready to go and then the next week we have about 8 just in our area that could be baptized as well. We are on a good trail. But that is how the work is going down here. The stake president was so proud of us that this week he bought us(our whole Zone) Ice cream and we ate it as a Zone at the stake center today.

But ya so i have been thinking about you all lately and I’m missing you all. I bet shaniah liked that Justin b show that went on in Utah. Shanaiah you are really lucky because a lot of little girls and older girls think you are a super star to get to go to concerts and stuff up there. They all want to be your friend because of it! Don’t worry i told all the guys that they had no chance with you and that you don’t like boys and never will. So you don’t have to worry about the boy friend problem ever because guys are dirt bags. Also i told them that you were the size of a large blue whale and love to sail the deep blue sea and swim with the seals and the sea lions as well. They weren’t quit interested after i told them that you like only hamburgers and spend 90% of the day at McDonalds snacken down on the double cheese. So don’t worry your bro has got your back.

 i miss you all and love you so much. Love your son, brother, and brother in law Elder Fuller

C’Jay’s 69th  letter

July 14th , 2010

Hey Fam i just wanted to tell you that i am getting transferred to the country side about 2 hours into the bush, in the city called Ponta Grossa. I’m really happy and i can’t wait i will leave tomorrow morning:) until tomorrow. love elder fuller

Hey guys, well I’m here now and my companion is named Elder Mitchell and he is from Austin Texas. He seems pretty cool. Well I’m in an area called jardim europa in villa oficinas( not Jungle area, city life again) But o well it’s like half jungle and half ghetto so it’s all good. I’m just glad because i have got the area that is baptizing the most people out of all other areas in the mission Curitiba. So I’m still district leader but they threw a fast one on me this transfer and put me over the sisters. Ya you guessed it; i have a district with all sisters. i didn’t know if that was a kick below the belt or if it was a good thing until i found out that they baptize like crazy, so I’m excited, and maybe i will learn something from them, It will be another cool experience for me. Also it is really cold here in Ponta Grossa which is strange, because it is known to be hot. But it’s all good i love that electric blanket and the blanket that grandma gave me to use on top, it keeps me warm. Also we have a baptism this next week if all goes well. But i told our assistants that if this area doesn’t baptize more than any other area then i will buy them a pizza. So i better get to work cause i don’t have money to buy any pizza. Also another thing is that i told all my recent converts in Afonso Pena that we would come visit them after my mission in january of 2012, is that still good for you guys?

Also its official, i have come to the point where rice and beans and my body don’t like each other anymore. It’s like when i eat the rice and beans my body says wow what a surprise, and then rebels and won’t eat it. It’s a shame too, because at every lunch it is always rice and beans. I feel bad when the sister says but elder you hardly ate anything and i have to say,” Sorry I’m just not feeling good, or no i already ate a ton sister”. But really I’m thinking, “I can’t try to force one more spoon full of this baby crap in my mouth or i am going to throw up.” I really can’t do it anymore. But usually when there is meat or potatoes or spaghetti on the table i will plow that up real fast:) I love you all and don’t forget about me I’m getting old out here and merely surviving on just the spirit(my  physical  body is  dead)  LOVE YOU GUYS AND HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
                                                LOVE ELDER FULLER

C’Jay’s 68th  letter

July 7th , 2010

Hey here are some recent pictures that i took with the baptism and my new mission president.

Well, i have been doing really good and i have had a lot of work out here to do.  We had another baptism here in my new area and she is really rad she is 24 and she was baptized in another evangelists church, but after her baptism she testified to her mom that the first baptism in the other church didn’t count, and that she would have to be baptized again as well. I was all YES when she said that. So her mom will be getting baptized this week as well. We will see what happens:) Also our new president is really cool and already knew me before he got here on the mission because of my grandparents Elder and Sister Fuller, who works in the church office building. He told me that when he was in there to get some stuff before he came on the mission he said that he started to talk and tell some other lady that he would be going to the Curitiba mission in Brazil, and grandpa and grandma fuller both said; “Well wait a second there, my grandson is serving in Brazil”. So after that they showed a lot of my pictures to him, probably some when i was a baby nude and stuff. Just kidding. But we talked about it for awhile and he was really cool about it. I’m really excited, the new president is really cool and will lead us to a lot of baptisms. Also this next week i will be transferred i think, because i have been her for 3 transfers and i think I’m gone. I’m kind of hoping i will go because i need new sights and sounds and stuff, because this place that I’m in is right next to the airport and it gets me way trunky!!! haha But its where the lord puts me thats where i will learn the most! So also I finally made the cookies work out and now it’s just a matter of time until i will grow my keg belly:)

But its great because i get to experiment tons of things and i get to learn a lot when i do it. So thats about it for me, not too much has been going on lately just hanging in there.Thanks mom and you really are the best, and i just wanted to tell ya too, that if it wasn’t for your persistence in my life always begging me to do the right things and never giving up when my idiot self thought i was right, i definitely would not be on the mission right now. Because of you I am on the mission and  i have been overcome by the things that i am learning and am so sooo blessed too. THANK YOU!!!

                                                     ELDER FULLER


C’Jay’s 67th  letter

June 30th , 2010

Hey mom everything is going great with me down here and I’m having a great time. We might have a baptism this week, so let’s see what happens. But i need to go already so i love you mom and i will send you a long email this next week and if you can, put in like 20 bucks just to make sure that i can buy the suit:) love you mom and thanks for raising me. Love your son ELDER FULLER


C’Jay’s 66th  letter

June 23rd , 2010

Hey guys I am doing just great down here. It’s good to hear that you guys are having so much success up there and are all having a great time doing things! I don’t know if it’s me, but I’m pretty sure everyone has trunky thoughts on the mission. This past week i had a day of trunky thoughts, of what i wanted to be, where I’m going to work, what i want to learn, what i want to buy and everything. I don’t know why but i had trunky thoughts that day. During that day and in between lessons i thought of my life and i made goals for my life. It was a really good day and just made me think of really how lucky we are to live in the states and have these kinds of opportunities every day. Im so excited to start life and to start working as well you guys don’t even know! So as you all know we have been working with a lot of people for baptism and we have some that are progressing and are ready for baptism. I think one of the worst headaches of the mission is a thing that is really killing people is coffee. Coffee causes more of an addiction then cigarettes in my opinion and the people have the hardest time to stop using it! We are having trouble with investigators using this substances and it puts a hold up on the baptism. As well as getting married is one thing that holds people from getting baptized as well. But it’s all a part of the mission and it must be taken care of before they get washed clean. So of right now we have 1 baptism planned for this week and we are excited we will see if he can first and then we will celebrate. I would also like to thank you all for the packages that i received from you and from grandma as well.  I loved the Jazz tie:) But seriously i loved the packages a lot and they mean a lot to me! So also happy father’s day dad I’m really excited for ya and i can’t wait to do all this fun stuff when i get back! I’ve already got a lot of plans down on paper on what and where we are going to go to go hunting and one of them includes getting my plane license. haha it sounds like im joking but really im going to do it after the mission. I might sound crazy but really the gospel of Jesus Christ makes you want to learn and do tons of things with your life. Im not going to be a couch potato when i get back its just work and earn money to play. Im going to probably rest like 1 week but the next im going to get going on my plans. But ya i have tons of time until i can start thinking about that stuff, but as of now my life is others lives.

Thanks and love you tons, have a great week and good luck dad on the test i will be fasting for you


C’Jay’s 65th  letter

June 16th , 2010

Ya i heard about Braidens mission papers, and i think I’m more excited than he is:) haha i almost cried when i heard that he had them all in.

 But the work is going good, we are finding some people that are definitely the elects of the lord. One example that i wanted to share is about this family in uberaba that we had been teaching. First off they are a family of  7 and the 3 oldest boys have already been baptized. The mom has been going to the church for more than 2 years and her greatest desire is to be baptized but the only thing that is holding her back is that her husband has to be divorced from another lady, but they can’t find the other lady and to pay a lawyer they do not have the funds. When i was in Uberaba i would go to this house and teach her and her family, she always told me that she wanted to be baptized. I feel like it is my duty to help her because it was a miracle that she moved here and that i was too! I have been seeing these things happen a lot lately and i know i have a lot of work ahead of me!!:) 

Well i have to go now but tell everyone hi for me! Love you mom  love Elder Fuller

C’Jay’s 64th  letter

June 9th , 2010

Hey, guys it was so great to look at all of those pictures i can’t believe how pretty our yard looked and how different everyone is. I also recognized quite a skinny young fellow that looked as if he was made of cardboard….hmmm what a handsome young lad he is! Well the only thing that counts is that everyone had a great time and that everyone is half sane. haha. You don’t know how home sick i am. I just can’t wait until i get home and come play with you all, It’s going to be great. If you didn’t recognize that i said the word “PLAY” well i just wanted to clarify it for you all. For at least 2 weeks its straight up family time in the water, mountains, land, motored vehicles(o my gosh I’m missing to drive things around), also in the house. We are going to have a ton of fun. Dad congratulations you old fart, you can retire already, that is so cool. I hope you ready for the wilderness cause i am, i keep praying to go to ponta grossa( the wilderness part of our mission) because it is more jungle and i want to baptize the living heck out of everyone out there. I just miss the mountains. Really you guys have no idea how lucky we are!  Ilove the states and i will never take  advantage of living there anymore. I love the people down here because they are way friendly but the system is jacked. haha I ll tell you more about it when i get home. Koda is such a stud and tilee is a cute little sucker that i will steal when i get back…haha Well just train her good and let her know that you are the boss. The best suggestion about the peeing and pooping problem is to just do it with her because it´s impossible… just joking, just keep being persistent, and all will go well. Also train her in the pool as well and to not make her shy of the water and to not be gun shy you will have to start off slow and pound a board at first to give her a signal to go fetch,  Look that up about gun shy dogs and see what you can do to not make them gun shy. She better be well trained by the time i get back because there will be birds dropping out of the air every day when i get back home:) Shynaiah not anymore. Wow i can’t believe you were dancing in front of everyone, that’s great to see. Im also looking forward to our slides that we will build as well:) Mom thanks for being such a proud mother of your son on the mission and dancing with him in front of the whole crowd. You’re the best mom! Well you guys have a great week this week and i hope you all will continue to thank your father in heaven for the great blessings that you have received and never to forget it as well. We had transfers last weekend we stayed together , but i have come to learn that everyone that i face in my life is a new learning experience that i must learn and live. So its just that extra bit of patience that I’m working on right now. He’s super nice and wants me and all of our family to visit him at his house in January when we come on our trip. So that’s our plan and he is going to take us on the Amazon to go fishing in the best spots, With his boat that he wants to rent for us. He also said that he will be paying for food. haha he’s funny! But it will be sweet. Well you guys have an awesome time and be safe and don’t have to much fun without me. And so help me if shanaiah gets married while I’m out here I’m gonna blow  a fuse.:)  I love you all and have a great week!!!! You too Mrs Beiber.

                   BEIJOS from Elder Fuller

C’Jay’s 63rd  letter

June 2, 2010

So this week was great we had received an address to this families house to go there and teach them and then have their young boy be baptized the next sunday, but the only thing is that they gave us the wrong address and we never found the house, but we kept looking and praying because we had the goal of 200 baptisms this month and we were so close as a mission. We then prayed every day for him to have the desire to be baptized the following sunday( last sunday), and just waited until Sunday. When he showed up we had already had the font filled with water and asked him if he would want to be baptized that day. His mom was great and wanted him to be baptized, and so he said yes. So we called the zone leaders and i told them that he wanted to be baptized. So we hopped in the car and we took him over to the stake for him to be interviewed by the zone leaders, on the way i taught him the lessons in the 5 min form as it has it in the preach my gospel. Then he was interviewed and that very day after church he was baptized. His mom isn’t baptized yet because she isn’t married and has to be married first or she would of wanted to as well. So that was the miracle as well as the other miracle of 201 baptisms that our mission dominated this month and it has never been completed in over 30 years in this mission. It was a huge accomplishment and a great goodbye present for President Araujo. But ya we had transfers today and i will be staying here in Afonso pena. But it’s all part of the mission so what can i do:) Haha Well you guys have a great week and stay healthy! Love you all and send me more pics:) BEIJOS 

Ya thanks mom you’re a life saver, i just got done watching myself open the mission call and that was awesome but i almost cried when i watched the going away video. Alright mom I’m almost done and i can’t wait to get home. I’m not going to get trunky I’ve got about 40 more baptisms to baptize after i reach my goal of 75. I’m going to do it! love you all. See you all later and have a great week!!!! LOVE YOU BEST SON:)……………………………………haha

Just one more thing, I just wanted to say that in these last transfers we baptized 11 people and wow you can’t believe how excited everyone is about missionary work now! It’s so awesome! xáu

C’Jay’s 62nd  letter

May 26, 2010.

Wow i cant believe that they really did that and i can’t believe that you actually danced with my poster.haha just kidding, I’m glad it went well and I’m glad that you are all doing good. So that weather looked pretty good up there as well, I’m glad that that went well. Also this week went really well down here as well. we had the opportunity to baptize another 2 kids this week and that was just awesome. Im so glad for the help that god gave us on both sides this week. I really was trunky on Saturday but the baptisms kept me going and it went great on Sunday. This week we have got one more baptism and we are extremely excited about it cause that means that we will have baptized every week in the month of may. Yes! You don’t know how big that is for a missionary, its like a game winning home run. I say that in the humblest way possible that is.haha But really i do, because it is not me, i just get put in the places that the lord puts me in and i do my job, the spirit does the rest. So that’s how im doing just trying to keep out of the trunky mode during this time. So by the way my head looks as if it is 3 times the actual size so that must of been great to see. haha just kidding. I’m glad its all over now and you guys are probably glad as well. . My calves are the size of a wild wildabeast and when i get home nothing will stop me even mount timpanagos .haha well have a great week your all in my prayers. Love elder fuller

       Also mom dont put this one on the blog, haha seriously!! dancing with my cardboard self is embarrassing enough:) xáu

(Mom dancing with my cardboard self at the wedding)



C’Jay’s 61st letter

May 19, 2010.

Hey guys you are all looking like you are having a great time up there, But don’t worry and take the small simple moments and don’t forget them in these busy times. Its going to fly by without you guys even knowing it and then that will be the time that you will remember those moments, depending on what you focus on now will show what you will remember in the future being the good moments or the bad, Keep focusing on the good moments and it will all turn out great. 

The Members a great and are so proud of the progress that we are having in the ward. Its really rewarding to see it all come together.

So i love you all and have a great week and good luck with the wedding and kaylee looks really pretty in those pictures, (she must have got her looks from me)
 See you all later and have a great day. LOVE ELDER FULLER

     P.S. and yes i got my invite to the wedding. Thanks and dont forget to take lots of pictures and send them all to me when you do. XÁU

Here are some pics for you to use to make up my cardboard self for the wedding

C’Jay’s 60th letter

May 12, 2010.

Three days ago C’Jay was able to call home on Mothers Day! THAT WAS THE BEST PRESENT EVER!! We loved talking to him! We put the phone on speaker and everyone in the family was able to hear him and talk to him! We LOVED IT!

Thank you so much for the pictures and the e-mail. I hope you like the hammock that i bought for you all its really cool and i love them. So I’m glad to hear that you had a great mothers day and that you had fun. It was awesome to talk to you and the family, I didn’t want to hang up i missed you all so much. But i just can’t wait until i get back, when we as a family will be doing tons of cool stuff together i can’t wait!  But i sent you the pictures of the people we baptized last Saturday and i don’t want to brag or anything but we baptized more people last Saturday then any other companionship baptized in the whole mission. It was sweet!!!! We also are extremely tired this week and we will be resting a lot today. My comp will be making fish for us to eat and he says its good the way he makes it, so let’s just see what happens. After, we will be going over to carols house (who will be baptized this Saturday) and her sister who is 30 years old and her mom will be making pancakes filled with meat and beans and stuff its really good, its like a burrito but they make some sort of pancake shell rather than a tortilla shell. So that’s what we will be doing today. We have made a goal to baptize 8 people this month as a district and we have two more this week that will be baptized in our district. So we are getting there, slowly and steadily we are getting there. So I hope you all have a great week and don’t get hurt or tired to fast running around so much but slow down and enjoy the moments. Love you all

                                     Love Elder Fuller

C’Jay’s 59th letter

May 12, 2010


We had 4 baptisms right before Mothers Day! In Brazil they called it a  White MOTHERS DAY!



C’Jay’s 58th letter

May 5, 2010

Hey guys! Great news to hear that grandpa is doing good now. Its also great news to hear that Kaylee and Bubba are all excited now as well. I am also very excited to call home on mother’s day as well. We will have to talk a little later in this week for mothers day because i don’t know what hours or where we can talk, don’t worry this Friday everything will be in order for you alright. Another thing is that i have been so stinking busy, because our mission is trying to break the 200 baptisms in 1 month record before our mission pres. goes home. So we have 5 baptisms this week that are really good and firm and also we will be going to a marriage house to get another lady married so she can get baptized. It’s all good and we are just cruising along and working our guts out! Let’s just have faith that all of this will pull through for us. We went to the temple this morning and it was great as always. Our pres. is coming over to our house tomorrow, so we have to get cleaning pretty soon for tomorrow. But it was great hearing from you guys and i can’t wait to hear more here in a few days. Love you all and i will get to you on Friday, just buy the telephone card and get ready for Sunday. love you all. O ya let me know what time church starts for you all on Sunday. Well got to go love ya! See ya all soon.

                                  LOVE ELDER FULLER


C’Jay’s 57th letter

April 28, 2010

So hey guys, I’m doing great down here and the lord has blessed so many people with a lot of answers to our messages, that will make the water bill for the church a little bit expensive for the month of may. I have had so much blessings this past month and so many experiences of learning that it is overwhelming. The gospel is amazing and so complex that you crave to study every morning to learn more. . So today i cooked us up some American food because i needed a change in my diet. We had; cheeseburgers, French fries, and i made dads famous stuffed mushrooms, (the filthy bugger ate all of the mushrooms while i was cooking the rest of the food, i only had 3) We also had a salad too. It was a great meal and made me trunky:) But no worries I’m still trekking on and having a blast. So our president will be leaving the mission in 6 weeks and we will get another guy from bountiful. I’m kind of sad that Pres. Araujo is going to leave, because he is really cool and has so much knowledge. But i think it will be cool to also have two presidents on the mission so I’m looking forward to it as well. I have been taking lots of pictures lately, and i will be burning my 1 year shirt tonight. Ya it took awhile, but i had bronchitis for awhile and i couldn’t and didn’t feel like doing it either. But now after i made my own vaporizer machine i got over it. What i did is i made a tent over my bed and my head and then boiled water and put that under the sheets by my bed and put in 4 halls cough drops to dissolve in the boiling hot water and vaporize my afflicted lungs, worked great. So now I’m feeling a lot better and now i can talk and work better too.  Well that’s about it for me, a lot of work and a lot of blessings, Tell grandpa good luck for me and that i love him. I will be fasting for him as well. Have a great week

C’Jay’s 56th letter

April 21, 2010

So i just wanted to tell ya that we had 3 baptisms yesterday and it was great!

So i just found out that this year they will not be doing any more calls on mothers day because the missionaries haven’t been keeping the rule of 1 hour on the phone:( i was freaking mad when they said that but they said that maybe if we baptize a lot more people they will let us call in July. So i think you will have to wait a little longer for the phone call, but don’t worry i will send you a present for your birthday and mother’s day alright. But anyway, this week was awesome and we baptized 3 people. We baptized them and they were so happy when it was all done,  We also had 2 other boys there to watch the baptisms and they as well as their older 15 year old brother is begging there mom to be baptized now. They have already went 3 days without coffee and will be baptized on the 8 of may. Another girl is ready to be baptized as well and her name is carol and she is 17 and wants to be baptized on the 8 of may too. We are preparing 5 people to be baptized and these are just the ones that are really excited. So i and my new comp that i had received today, Elder Amoron(brasilian), are really excited. He is from the amazons, He tried to make orange juice today for us and he poured corn starch on accident rather than sugar. (the bag looks similar)haha But ya that’s about it for me. But our district went from bad to good and now we are really kicking it to be the best in our zone. We have some work but we are already flying and soaring (high school musical) wow i have that song stuck in my head now. Well that’s about it for this week, take care and you all have a great week and have some fun! Love you all and be safe.

P.S. Sorry mom but i was just kidding about the calling thing, I can’t wait to call you on the 9th of may! I have already planned it and we will talk more when it gets closer. Don’t worry its not canceled and it is already a sacred day for all mothers and if it were canceled i don’t think that the Prophet would survive all the angry mothers especially you:)haha Love ya talk to ya soon

C’Jay’s 55th letter

April 14, 2010

Hey yesterday i was asked to stay another 6 months, I can’t believe that you were thinking about that same thing, the problem is that i already told him yes:/ I would hope that you are not mad.:) Haha just joking, the Americans cant stay more than 2 years because of the visa, so i won’t be staying anymore longer. Just the Brazilians can stay if they want to.

Nothing much her in brazil, just a lot of sweet spiritual experiences that change your life, but just the normal:) haha this week was a growth of my testimony about fasting. Last Saturday we taught 0 people and the lessons we had marked fell and so did our people with dates as well, I decided to do a fast for our success, and let me tell you that it worked. We taught 7 lessons yesterday, we marked 5 dates, and we contacted 33 people on the road as well. I am so grateful for the blessing that we had yesterday, The only thing that i want to do now is continue having this type of success, so my new plan is to fast everyday:)just joking, that would kill me….no literally! But i know that that experience wouldn’t have come if i didn’t show a sacrifice first. That’s the formula ……………………………….SACRIFICE = SUCCESS! Don’t worry you guys i can’t wait to be home too, but first i have tons more to learn, and tons more to teach as well. Well I love you all and keep sending pictures every week i love that! Love Elder Fuller

P.S. Tell grandma thanks for the package, it was great!!!

P.S.S. I have to get the stinking pork protection shot today ( I freaking hate shots) 


C’Jay’s 54th letter

April 7, 2010

 So this last week i decided to tell my district if we win this challenge that are zone leaders are doing with all of our districts then i would by them pizza for today. The cool thing is that we won, but the bad thing is is that i am stuck in a rut, i don’t have money to buy them pizza,haha if there is anyway could you just put in like 20 and that should be great! Thanks, i love ya

So today we had a activity and we watched saints and soldiers and ate popcorn and pizza, it was great and then after we played soccer, that was just a great reminder of how much i hate the dang sport. Its not even fun playing with Brazilians, because they just rally you. I kind of felt like a small little handicapped boy going against someone like the Harlem Globe Trotters! I was slaughtered.

So I love you all and thanks for all the support, I’m getting old and I’m on the downhill slope and its pure ice and im going way fast. Well got to go baptize and save some more souls, Well see ya all later you are all the bomb. Love you and good luck with all. LOVE ELDER FULLER!!  

C’Jay’s 53rd letter

March 31, 2010

Well first off, Happy 21st anniversary awhile ago i forgot about it until now. But that story is really a cool story. Just by hearing about what you guys have been accomplishing and learning and growing has made my testimony grow a lot. My testimony about prayer. I can’t believe all the miracles that i see on the mission, as well as at home with you all. The thing that is really cool is that when you rely on god to help and guide you, he always helps. When you make choice without asking god he also helps but in a “your an idiot why didn’t you ask my opinion, now you will learn the hard way.” kind of an answer. It has been really hard for me to learn this on the mission, but now I’m also learning it as well. The way that i got in a habit of asking God about my choices, is by asking him about all the little things as well. The more you rely on him the more inspiration and help you will get. I have learned that you have to search first and then ask if what you have found is correct. This is the thing that i have learned and it has helped me a lot!. So this week was a good week, my district is doing great, one of my areas taught 31 lessons in one week, this is really good just in case any of you were wondering. We have a few baptisms coming up these next couple weeks, and we are all excited about it. We are also experiencing colder weather already and i don’t like it. I want this hot sun to stay out because i did not sleep good last night when it was cold. I’m loving my new area, the members are helping a lot with references and we have tons of people to teach for this week.

P.S. If you could send me some recipes for pumpkin and banana cookies and banana bread next week.

 Thanks a bunch. Love you all and have a great week. Love elder fuller

C’Jay’s 52nd letter

March 24,  2010

Thanks guys, that’s awesome that the ward is splitting now. You have to tell me the total of members there. This new ward averages around 100 members that go every week, I’m planning on 150 by the time i leave this joint, so let’s see what happens! So my first Sunday we baptized a young man. So that was bom diggity! This next Sunday we will have to see if this guy can get baptized, he has stopped smoking and drinking, but because of his work he has only been to church 1 time. But he was way excited to get baptized, and is looking for another job already, because the other one won’t let him go to church on Sunday so were helping out with that too. We had a challenge to mark some dates from president this last week for baptism. As of right now we are at 30 dates for our district. We are all so excited. We will be baptizing like crazy here in this area i can feel it! We are hauling. Well so i have a package for you guys that i will be sending with a member, he will be taking it with him to salt lake, to watch the general conference. So i will give him all the info and stuff to contact you guys so you can meet him somewhere to go pick it up! He speaks a little English, well it sucks but just take the package and say thanks:) haha, i put some stuff in there for Easter, and the rest you can look at, but just keep it safe for when i get back! But mom you are a life saver to put that money in! i was living off cookies for awhile, but now were all good and i finally bought a new back pack, my other one was just a one strapper cause the other strap broke! But thanks you’re the bomb! Any ways this place is pretty scary, i thought the other place was a ghetto, but it comes to turn out that no, this is a ghetto!:)haha  No but i got something really cool from here that i am now using to write out all my letters…. I got a type writer from the ward, because they were not using it anymore so i asked if i could have it to write letters, so they just gave it to me! So now I’m writing about 10 letters per day, without any hand cramps! Its awesome. Well i will be sending a letter today with the guy, so just be ready and always look on the e mail to get his emails for the package! It’s got some good stuff in there and a huge slab of chocolate which you will see later on. But ya that’s life here in the ghetto, I’m just trekking on and keeping busy. But ya good luck with the new ward. Tell me what dad and troy get called to! We’ll see you all later. Have a great day and an awesome week. Love ELDER FULLER

C’Jay’s 51st letter

March 17,  2010

Thank you for the package of pants and stuff that was great, i will be sending one pair of pants home because the waist is way small! So if you could trade them that would be great!:) But wow those pickles were the shiz niz! I almost started crying of homesickness. Just thank you guys so much it was awesome! Also i wanted to say that i have finally been transferred to a place called Alfonsus Pena,,, I think i don’t know how to spell it yet! But ya it has been closed for awhile and now me and my comp are re-opening it, im still the dl here for now and im way excited to get started and my goal is 20 baptisms before i leave!! Im going to do it! Well so i already filled another card with pictures now and im going to send that one soon! But i have a new rule as soon as i have 1 year and 6 months im not sending more pictures! So i will take a ton until then for you all but i think that will be cool if we do that! So also my companion is Elder Cordeiro and he is Brazilian if you couldn’t tell by the name which means shepherd in English! He’s pretty cool and super nice so far! Im already missing my family in uberaba, brazil. last night they threw a party for me and bought me pizza, then all gave me something that reminded me of them! The cool thing is is that  Uberaba and my new area almost touch! So they are going to come to church here and visit me here they said! They are the bomb!!! It was sad to leave them but it was good to leave as well! But now im here, back on the game field pumped as ever and can’t wait to get started! Tell jd that the aerosol cans are only made for experienced pirotechnitions, like myself! Also the can is called morten cockroach killer, and man its a good one! Also don’t spray it on your hand because its hard to get the flame off! Speaking of that, that is why my hand is a darker color! Did you know i figured that out, because i burnt myself so many times i think it is a permanent tan! haha ya don’t be dumb jd but use fire like yogi bear would use it, in a dry forested area and you will never have to worry about starting fires! well there’s my advise mom for him i hope he takes it well, what do you think:) just joking. Well that’s cool that you guys are vacationing now, i hope you all have fun! Also tell all our friends that they are slacking severely and better repent for not writing me lately! Well keep doing what you guys do best and keep busy for the day shall arrive soon when i will be swimming in our pool again and playing with the fam and my dog! Well got to go see ya all later ill tell you all how this next week goes! LOVE ELDER FULLER

P.S. I meant The Hendersons and Petersons, They havent written for awhile and i saw them in a picture and was just wondering how they are doing! Ill write them this week!! I love you guys have a great trip and be safe!!


C’Jay’s 50th letter

March 10,  2010

 So anyway this week was awsome, But all is well on the spiritual side of things down here as well. We have been having trouble getting this one kid to accept baptism because of his mom. I prepared a lesson to help her understand. The cool thing is that she admited to her son that her opinion about waiting was wrong and that he can decide when he wants to be baptized, So we marked for next week! He’s way excited and i was glad that she finally came around! So transfers are next week and i had a special fast that god would send me to some other area… just joking i really didn’t fast for that, but i need a change, 8 months in one area is too much!

 Also we went over to a members house that could speak a little English, she started talking to me in English and i was all “What is she doing?” she sounded like a robot! So i asked her where she  learned English and she said Google translator! So she showed me and it is a joke of English. Go to google and type in something. She talks  funny! But i told her never to use that again to speak English!

But You guys have a great week and i will talk to you next week. LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for all the support as well. Tell kay congrats on the wedding and that if i do not receive an invite i will cancel the wedding! Tell her sorry i couldn’t write her, i didn’t have much time today! But I’m excited for her and i need about 100 bucks to buy her her wedding present, with a color that she loves!!!!! Well see ya all later. And whoever will send the next package, if you could could you put a utah JAZZ tie and a new york METS one as well for my pday tie. Valeu, até mais, tenhão uma semana muito bom com muito felizidades e paz. Com carinho ELDER FULLER     


C’Jay’s 49th letter

March 3 ,  2010


Sweet, thank you for the money mom, right after we went over there and our money fell so i was really excited that I didn’t have to use  the money you put in! But don’t worry I don’t need the 72 hour kit thing I’m pretty sure the mission has got that stuff covered for us. But it’s always good to have a little extra something though, so I will do a little! Thank you for sending the package it will be great! So this week has been alright I’ve been sick and haven’t had much sleep at night, but today I’m planning on sleeping a lot! I love those one a day men’s health vitamins that we bought, every time i get a cold or feel like it is coming on i pop one in every day for 3 days and every time after the 3rd day its already getting way better! I will let you know when i run out of those bad boys to send me some more! haha Also if everything turns out good, we will be having 2 baptisms this week!  Pray for them for us! They are both 13 years old and we are working with both their parents as well, but they have problems with the word of wisdom and have to wait a little bit before the baptism. But just keep them in your prayers and if you could do a fast for our investigators this week. That would be awesome! Well I’m dang proud of my district we have done the most contacts, 1st lessons, and marked dates in our zone! We are on fire! Well i sure hope when i get back jdee wont look like frankenstine or the hunchback or shreck or something like that! Its not even been a year yet and he has already bled more then i have in my whole life! haha, i want to see pictures of it really bad now!! O yea, jdee if you want to mess around next time there’s better places for that, like on the grass, in the snow, on a bed, or in your case it would be better in the crazy inmate padded room. haha. just kidding bro. I can’t believe you got staples, that makes me sick, just thinking about it! Tell me what it felt like! But i got to go now i hope everyone is doing well, sorry about not sending letters, I’m just sick of writing! This email is a lot better! But if you want letters go ahead and tell me! Well you guys have a great week and i hope you all wont bleed as much this week. SEE YA, LOVE ELDER FULLER


C’Jay’s 48th letter

February 24 ,  2010

Just so i don’t forget, yes it was awesome! thanks!  Tell ty and Mary thanks too! I haven’t got gma yet but it should arrive. But whenever you send the next package if you guys could you send: 1 pair of pants with pinstripes specifically, salt and vinegar chips(the big bag:), old spice deodorant, 2 Irish spring soaps( that stuffs awesome), Don’t forget the singly wrapped pickles as well about five:) And if you want a tie too, but you don’t have to, i just love ties! If you could that would be great, im just needing this stuff not wanting, thanks, love you guys! Don’t worry I’m writing more now!

So Ya my district hasn’t out done me yet but this week already looks like they will, I promised them pizza if they do this week, so we will see!:)haha. Well this week has been normal, have you received the pictures yet from elder Lindsay? If not just let me know and i will send the spare copy to you all this week! But just email him when you can! So also i will draw up some ideas and i will send them you all this week alright! Well i almost have 1 year down on the mission, isn’t that sweet! I’m excited and i will be making a few more goals when i reach one year that i want to do that I’m excited about! Tell shaniah, that if she doesn’t start working on our water slide and send me some sketches then it’s not going to happen! Tell her that i love her and i had a trunky dream about our family last night! Where i imagined her when i came home and she was with some kid, but don’t worry i actually punched that kid in the face in front of everyone, So it was a great reminder to have her know that when i come home and she has a boy friend he will die! haha But That’s about all for me this week, love you all and good luck with everything that you guys will be doing, I’m praying for ya! Also sweet pictures of the deer, if that don’t get you trunky i don’t know what will!! TCHAU, LOVE ELDER FULLER

C’Jay’s 47th letter

February 17 ,  2010

Wow, I can’t believe you guys cleaned out the barn that is way cool! I’m glad its done before i get back! I’m not trunky or too prideful its all about what god has planned for me.  Right now im focusing on getting my district to get there contacts and 1st lessons done, they have been struggling with that. I taught them a training this past Monday and i called last night to see how they are doing, are goal is 10 firsts lessons every week and all being invited to be baptized, so far one area has 6 down, I have 4:< and the others have 5, i couldn’t believe it that i am on the bottom still, im going to get crap from the zone leaders´s this week if i dont set the example:) haha I’m just proud of my district, its like a father that wants his kids to grow up better then himself…. wait that’s a great excuse i can tell the zone leadersl´s that.haha No but im so grateful that i came on the mission, i have come to learn that every person that is set in front of me has been put there for a reason and i just need to figure and take that opportunity to learn what that thing is that im suppose to learn! I love that feeling when you figure out something new! Its awesome. But thats all that has been going on so far for us, i will let you know when we got some baptisms coming up. So i hope you all have a great week and remember that when i get back we are making a water slide that goes into our pool, from the top of the barn:) LOVE you all and thank you for all your support!
P.S. Im proud of both of you guys for looking for jobs and striving to learn more i think that’s rad! The lord will bless you if you show faith, desire and action! Think about it and study it!

ITs sweet! bye

C’Jay’s 46th letter

February 10 ,  2010

 So i finally got my package with the shoes in them on Thursday and the problem is is that one bottle of maple syrup extract that you sent in the same package spilled and it got all over my new shoes, It sucked to clean but its way cool, because every time I’m in the sun you can smell it and everyone is basically turned on when i tell them that it is my normal foot smell. So i have decided that will be my new strategy to pick up chicks when i get home, to tell them i have maple smelling feet when i get sweaty, do you guys think that’s a definite turn on or what!! But anyway, my birthday was good, but the only reason that i didn’t want to tell you what I’m called because  i think a certificate will arrive soon to tell you, since you asked Iwill just tell you, so I turned district leader and I’m in charge of a district now and im pretty excited. I did our first district activity today, and we went to the botanic garden, it was pretty sweet, I took lots of cool pictures,  so they should be in your hands here in about 3 months i think! But that’s the big news that i have, its nothing huge but i just have more responsibility now! I also have got about 6 months in this area and I’m completely tired of it! But its cool to say that i finished 6 months and 1 year on the mission on the same area! That will be something to remember:)haha But also i have found the nectar of the gods, called coconut milk, but not just any, its real milky delicious soy bean coconut milk, i hate soy bean, but this crap is amazing!!! So i just want you guys to know that i love you all and i miss ya a ton, my birthday was hard, but im getting through it! Well i hope you all have a great day and a wonderful time in the USA, were life is great and Wal-Mart carries everything!  Well see ya all later! tchau tchau meus amados irmãos qeum gostam do tíme SAINTS!

C’Jay’s 45th letter

February 3,  2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! (C’Jay celebrated his 20th bday in Brazil this year on Feb 6, 2010)

HEY thanks! So anyway I haven’t got any package yet, but hey what do you expect I’m in brazil right. haha SO also I have Brazilian comp now he is pretty cool, I also turned something and I have a little bit more responsibility on the mission. so I’m kind of nervous about that but excited to! So I’m glad you got the hammock, Just let me know how it will be for you all! I loved it!  So my old comp is going to Utah now and he will be arriving in Utah on Thursday, I want you to email him and invite him over for a dinner and a movie night! I gave him my pictures on the cd, So keep bugging him until you get those! Email him and he will be therehim up at the nearest bus stop and take him to our house.  Hey if anyone is going to mail me something tell them to mail me some pickles, like 6 or so, that are individually wrapped giant pickles.  Those i am craving right now! But i have to go, I love you all and have a great week love elder fuller! MOM thank you for all that you do, and tell grandma and grandpa and everyone that sends something thanks for me too! valeu

C’Jay’s 44th letter

January 28 ,  2010

Mycomp is going home on the 3rd of Feb. He said he wants to come meet you guys up there at our house. He wants to watch that police movie with you guys and show you some other stuff i think! He wants to come say hi!  I gave them a cd full of pictures to give to you guys, it has i think 540 pictures on it so don’t let him lose it! Dont forget to keep in touch with him, and make him some good old American food when he gets back too. Steaks preferably! haha. Shaniah that little devil getting all the boys. Jdee that big ugly large foreheaded thing:) haha.jk thats funny jade! don’t make a habit of that or you are going to have problems for the rest of your life! haha well I have to get going now, but you guys have a great week and i love you all and don’t forget to enjoy that package:) love you love elder fuller

C’Jay’s 43rd letter

January 20 ,  2010

 I’m just trying to keep out of the rain! It has been pouring on us so much these past days its horrible! But its all good. We have been struggling with some fulfulka(gossip) that has been going around and hurting other people!  There has also been another between 15 members that won’t go to church anymore because of something else that was said! It seems like i have a themed week each week that are planned for me to learn and grow to know how to deal with it in the future. It’s like I’m on my own television show. This week’s episode is gossip! But everything is getting better and i told them that if they leave the church because of what someone said, they will have to crawl to the judgment bar of god and explain to him that they left for that reason! That seemed to help, even though it was a little harsh.haha We will see what happens.  Another thing I told three of my new friends and members  is that i guarantee you will hear more things as you stay in the church, then i said, but make a promise to me that you will never leave the church because of stuff like that! They totally agreed about it and everything is good with them now!

love you all bye!!!

C’Jay’s 42nd letter

January 14, 2010

Alright tell Kaylee congratulations, she told me she got engaged on New Years!

Anyways. I m doing good down here, it’s been rainy a lot and it’s hard to work sometimes! We got permission to go into the center of brazil on Wednesday to buy my guitar and some souvenirs for my companion that will be leaving for home soon! So that was sweet! We went with andressa and alaines too. that was fun. In the center of Curitiba there is a little zoo/park and we went inside and i took tons of pictures of monkeys, parrots, toucans, other birds, fish, snakes, turtles and a lot of other things too. It was sweet! We also went to some huge shopping places down town and found some cool stuff.

 So we talked to my Brazilian family and they said that it will be about 5000 dollars to visit for 6 months in brazil, they also said that if they get a job there and a reference to work there from someone in our family or something saying that they want them to stay and work, it would be easier to eventually move and live in the states. I was just wondering what you think About this? Just let me know what you think and who and how we can help them? But that’s about it and that’s about what’s happening for me so far! I can’t wait to see those pictures yet!

I haven’t received the shoes yet, so i don’t know what you know, just keep me updated! love you all, Have a great week. LOVE ELDER FULLER

C’Jay’s 41st letter

January 8, 2010

So on Wednesday,  my zone leader called me and said we are going to the temple, so that was pretty cool! It is like a vacation to go to the temple so it was worth it! We had our interviews and i asked my president about divorce, because it is really bad to read about it in the bible and everything! So he answered my question and it was good! So now i know what to tell some of our investigators to do now. So after that we got home about 530!  We ate some food cause we didn’t have breakfast or lunch, so i bought a whole rotisserie chicken and almost downed the whole thing, it was really good, but its definitely going to affect my figure a little! So yesterday we stayed mostly in our house the whole day because  elder Lindsay and I had the Brazilian bubbly but bursts! Ya i think the water we drank was bad and it wasn’t very good for our stomachs. So that sucks! But that’s about it for this week for me, i cant believe its almost Saturday already, I’m so excited to get my guitar! I cant thank you as much as i want, i have been using a members guitar! In the interview we went over my goals for this year and after all the goals that i told him i then said that i would like to learn Spanish and guitar too! So he said it was good, so I’m pretty excited about it! Well fam i love you all and i hope you all had a great week and will have an awesome one to come! Love you and tell me about your goals this next year that you guys want to do! LOVE YOUALL

C’Jay’s 40th letter

January 2, 2010

Tell dad happy birthday

Hey, So i hope everyone had a great new year and that everyone is making some good goals to accomplish for this next year. So these past two weeks have been really bad to try to get some people to listen to our message, so we have been hanging out with our Brazilian family for the past Christmas eve, day, new years eve and day too. It was really cool!


C’Jay’s 39th letter

Decenber 30, 2009

SO today I only have a few minutes to write, to remind you all that I will be on the internet writing to you on Friday and not today, we have permission to write today and remind you!

C’Jay’s 1st Phone Call to Home!!!!!


December 25,  2009

 Today ELder Fuller was able to call home and talk to all of us!! It was so amazing hearing his voice for the first time in nine months!! In fact we had him on speaker when he called and we  were so shocked to hear his voice that we just all sat there and listened to him!! He had to tell us to ask him questions! Once the initial shock wore off we had a great conversation with him! We were amazed at the spiritual and emotional growth he has had!

C’Jay’s 37th letter

December 17,  2009

Mewwy Chwistmas.

HAHAHA. So  sorry my email is late we had a bunch of unorganized sisters yesterday that planned a service project that after three hours of taking buses and finding our way, they just canceled it and we lost a ton of time, and didn’t get a chance to email yesterday, so ya now I’m here today. So also i sent your package today finally after trying for two weeks. So you might get it late but it will be worth it i promise. Also all is pretty good down here except we already had some baptisms jump the coop. but we have 2 that are really firm and ready to be baptized this week. But the good thing is is that after the holiday seasons we will have more people get baptized because its a little bit calmer. Haha So this year is going to suck being alone, and to top it off we have transfers 3 days before Christmas and, i sure hope i don’t get transferred cause that would be really bad. Another thing is that i will be alone, the first year in my life! HAHA o well, its time to grow up i guess! Well I’m getting excited to call home too. But how they do it is that you have to call me at a certain house on a certain hour and i will be waiting for you guys there. But i will talk about that more next week. I cant wait to just start talking Portuguese, you guys won’t even know if I’m swearing at you or not…..hahahaaha Its so weird to think about that i came here about 9 months ago not speaking Portuguese and now i can keep a conversation going with someone. Its really rad!!! I will be way excited about Christmas after the transfers are over and if i stay. It will just suck if I have to be moved to a new area 3 days before Christmas ya know! So i just wanted to say hi to you all and say that i love ya and im so glad you are all serving others! I want you to go to the missionaries and give them some food or some kind of a gift for Christmas, with some references to anyone that you know! That will brighten any missionaries’ day. Also ask to go on some splits with them too! You can if you want invite them over for dinner or lunch too! That will help those lazy Utah missionaries do something there. haha I’m learning so much here it’s amazing, i think i can blow your minds away with any question you guys have about the bible, i have heard almost every question a man could ask about the bible. I’m so grateful for the mission. I LOVE IT! I’m so grateful for the testimony i have grown on the mission. I’m so grateful for you guys and all that you have done! I’m sorry if sometimes i don’t write well enough for you guys and stuff just know that I am immersed with the work! You guys all have a great week and go kill some ducks or pigeons for me! I want everyone out there with a picture taken holding a gun shooting at pigeons, yes that includes dad, jdee, misses chubs(shaniah), mom, kaylee and her husband. If he can’t hold a gun correctly then….! Jk, tell him congratulations from me for getting the melchizedek priesthood. Tell all the fam hi and tell everyone that i love them. O ya and you are slacking on the cjay.com or whatever it is! It needs to be updated. I love it it’s so cool!!! The movie made me cry in front of this family that I’m teaching! So that’s about it love you all and i will give you more info soon. BYE love elder fuller

C’Jay’s 36th letter


December 9,  2009

Mom, crap i forgot go put the one that is not stuffed full in the freezer  and open it when dad and every body gets home the little bug hunting cousins too!!. I hope it didnt get ruined. im working on the email right now! just hold on but do that now!!!!!!

Hey guys so these past two weeks have been so busy and we have 8 solid baptisms for the 20th of December but we have 13 marked. Please keep praying for all of them for us! So i wanted to tell you a little about what and who they are! So the first is Virginia, she is 55 years old and is working on some things to stop before she can be baptized( Confidential missionary business). She is worried about this stuff and she wants to stop before she marks a date, but we said that the 25 will be the best date for her right now, so let’s have faith! Then we have Guilermy, he is a boy friend of a member here and he is 18 an is wanting to be baptized but we have to do it before the 20th and after the 13 so we are working with that because he is sick and he can’t come around other kids for 15 days, so let’s pray for him to be baptized on the 18 or 19. Then letisia, she is 16 years old and her favorite number is 16 so we marked a date for her to be baptized on the 16th of December, she is really excited and is ready as ever! So then juliani, she is 18 and is Leticia’s friend and is half and half, we marked for the 20th and she was thinking if Leticia was already baptized it would be easier, so if Leticia was already baptized then she would get baptized too. Also Andréa, she is 30 years old and is trying to stop smoking and she is getting there, she wants me to baptize her, because i have been like a brother and a best friend to listen and help her, she is ready to be baptized. Then andressa and alen, they are a married couple about  25 years old each, they will be baptized on the 20th as well, andressa is andreas sister. They are awsome too!! Then we marked a date with this family, they have six people in the family and the dad wants all of them to be baptized and be a happier closer family! but so far we just marked a date with joão, gabriel and gabrieli, they will be baptized on the 20th of December too! But we are working on getting there whole family to be baptized on that day as well! So just keep praying for us! So thats what has been happening with me these past days. i have been trying so hard to keep visiting them every day its so hard to do everything else! I Can’t believe it is already Christmas and im going to send you my real Christmas present today for you guys, i got the Christmas letters from you guys and I’m so excited to get the packages too. The only bummer is that i will have to wait until the 18th to get my packages, because they hold them until our Christmas conference! Im really excited thank you so much for the letters they meant a lot!ALRIGHT! You guys have a great day and don’t forget to open the other smaller package right now!!! ITs important, and i want mom to do it!!! NO ONE ELSE BUT MOM!!!!! EVERY ONE ELSE BACK OFF!! love you guys, valeu!!!

























Bugs from C’Jay! THANKS ALOT!



P.S. im sending pictures right now!! Also i want a poster of my self when i get back with these pictures!:)haha just kidding
























Elder Fuller on 12-9-09



C’Jay’s 35th letter

December 3,  2009

 I haven’t worked so hard in all my mission! I’m doing so much stuff down here! You guys are so awesome and i love every one of you. Mom you have done so much for me it is to much! I can’t keep up on the stuff i need to thank you guys for!  Its so hard for me and I’m so busy i hit the bed as soon as I’m home every day. It’s a work, eat, sleep kind of a lifestyle for me I’m not even joking! I’ve looked for some stuff to buy you guys for Christmas. I already sent you guys two packages. Please don’t open them until Christmas.  You are the best! And every word means so much to me! I only have one day to wash clothes, buy groceries, clean our house, email and get out and do an activity or sleep, and write letters! Its hard and I’m sorry i will try to write better emails to you guys! I hope everyone is doing good and all is well at the house. Mom thanks again for everything! You have taught me so much and that is why I’m out here because you taught me the way i need to be!   UNTIL NEXT P-DAY.  thank you so much for the packages, tell ty and mary thanks too!! LOVE elder fuller

Thanks dad for that I’m going to be tough on him this week! I was worried that he would start lying and stuff, but now I’m going to use it! Thanks! Also tell mom thanks for everything, and tell her not to worry! Just let her know that i love her and she really does too much for me! Thanks dad! O ya my companion is a slacker, but the good thing is is that im learning to love the good things about all my companions like you said! I have never worked so hard in my life. I already told mom that it is like a work,eat, sleep day every day. i have no time to slack dad! Just pray for our six baptisms we have on the 20 and the 1 we have on christmas day! Love you alot, and thanks for the support and help too. Love elder fuller

C’Jay’s 34th letter

December 2,  2009

Well dad i have a question for you real fast! How do you help a guy get off crack! I will be checking my email tomarrow so please help me with this one! He’s addicted like no other! But thats all i love you all and im working hard and dont worry about me im excited to talk to you guys on christmas so you guys have a great week! SEE YA


C’Jay’s 33rd letter

November 25 ,  2009

Hey! So i got the package and thank you for the random fly fishing tie kit and the batteries powered hand warmer and also the mosquito repelled. But i got that note in there that says just press play its all waiting for you. The problem was is that there wasnt a tape recorder! I think someone busted into it and took it! You will have to tell me what else came in there because i just got that and lots of candy and one tie and the sweet book of Mormon and dictionary too!PLEASE DONT FORGET TO WRITE EVERYTHING AND PUT STICKERS OF JESUS, AND THE CORRECT TOTAL OF MONEY OF THE OBJECT! You have to do this mom or its just like throwing it into the ocean and hoping i will get it! im also sending two packages and one is a Christmas present and the other is just some cool things! Please keep them in a safe place so i can remember them! Also i have a list of some stuff that i want if you could send it to me as well! ………………………………………………………………………………..The first is pictures tons of pictures ……………………….
………….The second is 4 Maple bottles to give to people…………….
…The perfect push up set(its like little twisty handles that you use……
…A pull up bar( one that hangs on a door frame……………………….
……….old spice deoderant…………………………………………..
…………. Some nice shoes( not round nose fronts, squared)
…………One bottle oil(that same kind)
This is my christmas wish for santa. Thanks guys and i hope you have a good day! thanks for everything

C’Jay’s 32nd letter

November 18,  2009

Hey guys, those bovines are look´n pretty dang tasty! I can’t wait to get home and fry me up a nice old peace of steak! Speaking of food I want to tell you guys a little bit of stuff that i have already eaten on the mish. Well one thing we ate was a thing called feigãoado, man that sucked to slurp down! So what it is is black beans thrown in a soup of pig everything, ears, meat from the leg, we had a little bacon, the tongue, also the skin…..with hair on it and all(I’m not even kidding), stomach, and all other sorts of stuff you can imagine. That was hard to get down after i saw the little hair poking up in my soup! Then they had this other thing where they soak a leg bone of a cow in boiling water forever and take the meat that fell off and put it in a blender and served it as a drink…. I flat out said you can put that down, I’m not that hungry! They were a little mad, but i aint eaten that crap!! Then we have had some other stuff that is just really good and I like a lot of it! But just when people are being idiots and like to see Americans gag, that’s when enough is enough! You can tell when it’s the only thing that they can afford or it’s just a joke and they like to see you suffer. Also i have not received the package yet, so that sucks hard core!!! I don’t have my camera here with me either so you will have to wait for those pictures. Also i want koda for Christmas, and a lot of ties, and a electric razor! A really good one! Not the on sale ones that will break, but some good brand! If that is possible that’s all that I will ask for. Just surprise me with stuff I could use on the mission. Please i don’t need any random junk and stuffed animals to pack around! Thanks guys i hope you guys have a great week and an awesome day. Everyone give the cows a big old kiss on the booger maker for me! Belaza, até mais
P.S. me and my companion are co-sensors, we have to do this as a training before i can take and train on my own. I have learned so much from him about the bible and I’m so excited to learn more. He is teaching me so much and it’s what i needed! So that’s about it! I will be sending a package with my card and some cool things in the mail to you guys this Monday. You’re going to love it, especially my little bug loving cousins!!!!! Elder FULLER

Also can you put more money in my account please! Thanks

Tell Stetson I’m so happy for them and I’m glad that they will be sealed for eternity! This is the greatest thing for a missionary to hear!………………. 


C’Jay’s 31st letter

November 11,  2009

Hey guys so this week was awesome and we baptized one little girl and she was so excited and she is so cute! The sad thing is that my companion was transferred and i have another companion here. his name is elder Lindsey and he is from Idaho! So we will see how he is this next week! Also we are teaching a few people and helping them get ready for baptism and it is really exciting! I wasn’t robbed this week so that’s a relief! The cool thing is that it is extremely hot down here and humid to it almost reached 100 already and it’s just spring! They all say it will be a hot summer! Let’s hope so, one of my goals is to become a Latin skin colored man when I get back, so I’m going to need all the help I can get with the sun! Also I’m glad you like the slippers! I’m glad that dad isn’t depressed and that he is keeping his chin up too! I’m also glad that Shaniah will make new friends her own size with the new calves that dad is going to buy!! I bet she is excited for that! I’m also glad to see from the photo, that jdee already lost a ton of weight! Wow he looks so different! And Kaylee just needs to know that Halloween is over now and she can take off her mask.. silly kay kay!! Mom you are looking lovely as ever as always….. Can you keep the money in the account! haha, dad you need to grow a beard and chew on a piece of straw now, and then you can get those cows! ALSO my dog, he is fat! What are you feeding him, be careful he is going to have a clogged artery! Well I will talk to you all soon and surprise me at Christmas! Also I haven’t received my package yet…. I’m still waiting! don’t worry it will arrive!!! Atè mais.
              LOVE ELDER FULLER

P.S. send a new picture for the news letter and tell them that I’m busy and just write that I’m just working hard and i just turned senior companion!

C'Jay had a woman in Brazil make these awesome slippers for us!!!

November 4,  2009

C’Jay’s 30th letter

 Don’t worry about me the work is going great! We had a baptism on Saturday, and i just cried a lot! I was feeling down this whole week and the baptism helped a lot! It was a reminder of why I’m here! Thank you so much for all your support and everything that you guys do for me! I’m so thankful that you guys are there for me!

MOM dont worry im ok!!!! so thats all i have to say for today thanks for the letters and the love!

Love elder luck!!! Have a great week! I hope you like your slippers!



October 21,  2009

C’Jay’s 29th letter

So this week has been good, But we had an activity and it went over time, so I will have to write more details next week! But thanks for everything!  You are all great!!!

Have a great week and an awesome day!

Love elder fuller!!!!!!!

October 14,  2009

C’Jay’s 28th letter

I just got the packages today, thank you so much and keep sending things with the 210 address its all about their schedule, so don’t worry it will get here eventually. Thank you so much for all this stuff it’s so nice.  So this week was amazing and we marked 12 dates for baptism and we have a few that are really good people and they should be baptized soon! We met this one family and they have a little 16 year old girl that is handicapped and she doesn’t weigh more than 50 lbs, it’s really sad, but the cool thing is that the family already said that they wanted to frequent our church, and one
already received a answer to a prayer and is preparing to be baptized and we only visited them once! It was the bomb!!! The mom said that she read but didn’t receive, I asked her if she has a desire to learn when she reads and she said that she didn’t really read to comprehend, just read and waited for an answer… I laughed inside and said, so you have to have a desire to show God that you need an answer, it was great and she said that she agreed, so we will see what will happen! I’m really excited about this family! We have some other people ready to be baptized too, so we are working hard with them right now! But other than that that’s our week! Thanks for the package again it was great and I appreciate it a lot. Dad I will be sending that ballot today or tomorrow, so don’t worry! Love you guys have a good week and be safe and work hard!!

Love Elder Fuller


October 7,  2009

C’Jay’s 27th letter

Hey Guys, I was so excited for conference this week i couldn’t wait!!! So my favorite talk was about 6 or 7 of them that really hit me deep! I can not wait to use the one by elder Holland about the Book of Mormon when it comes out in the Liahona! It was so cool! So a cool thing that has happened this past week is that the president gave us an invite to schedule 10 baptisms in 10 days! I was so worried to mark 10 baptisms so I prayed for help and i asked that he  help us get 10 people to baptize! Its been 5 days and we have six marked and ready to be baptized, its so amazing and its strengthened my testimony to be obedient!

Also we have been working with this one guy that has been a pain in the butt for us and we have been trying so hard for him to go to church and believe in the Book of Mormon! We have been working with him for over 1 month and a half and he has not progressed. Then  we planned one day to talk to him and tell him that we had to leave him and find other people to teach because he didn’t have a desire! So we went there and when we arrived we asked if we could start with a prayer, and he said yes! Then after my companion began to open his mouth to speak, Alberto our investigator said, Elders do you want to know something? We said, yes! Then he began to say that one day when he was alone in the house he opened the bible to read for a little bit! He read in the bible John 3:5, that states that everyone must be born of the water and of the spirit to enter the kingdom of God!, he said the he had read it over and over again about 8 or 9 times and it just hit him! Me and my companion, we both looked at each other and then Alberto said, Elders I need to be baptized! What do I have to do to be ready for baptism? We were speechless! We sat there for a second and my companion was just staring at him, so I snapped out of the dream that we were both in and i told him that he needed to stop drinking beer and coffee. That very instance he agreed to stop it all without any complaints. He said it would be easy! We were so excited and we gave him some pointers on what he can do to help him stop, and then we left his house. But as we were walking and talking afterwards we both remembered that we forgot to mark a date for baptism! haha So tomorrow we are going over there to mark a date for the end of this month. It is going to be great!! it was another testimony for me!!!

But that’s my story this week for you fellas!

Also about the candy package that you said you would get! I’m really looking forward to it. But can you buy me some peanut butter, chocolate of any sort, beef jerky, flaming hot cheetos, and a mile counter that you can wear to see how far you walk each day! We walk way to much:) haha Have a good week!

love elder fuller!!!!



























September 30, 2009

C’Jay’s 26th letter This letter was in response to an email that we sent to him about J’Dees last week of hunting. In one week J’Dee was able to shoot a two point with a muzzleloader and get 5 geese and 2 ducks! C’Jay loves hunting and so he was dying to hear some hunting stories so we sent it along with these pictures.. But I think we made him a little homesick!!haha!

These are a couple of the pics that we sent!   goose hunt 9-09 00021muzzleload hunt 00012                                                                                                                      


You little sucker! I’m so stinking jealous! Do you know how hard i tried to get a stinking goose, and you go down and blast them all for me!! haha! You Got a deer too! O my gosh im so home sick now!!  Seriously I’m so stinking jealous!!!! I baptized someone this week and you received the blessings! I want you to tell the guides that your brother in brazil is really the one that helped you shoot 🙂 haha! Bro that is so sweet! I’m so stinking proud!  Also like i said, I told you guys that you will receive the blessings that i work for! That’s the only thing that i ask for in my prayers! I hope you are all feeling them too! Also, we had a baptism her name is carol and she is 13! It went great! But everything is going great down here and we are finally getting somewhere with the work it seems! We still keep working hard and all the members say we work harder than any other missionaries that have been in Uberaba! So it’s good to see that it’s worth something! I WILL be sending a package to you guys with a present, it’s a little big, and so I hope you like it! I haven’t received a package yet from you guys but it will be here soon! I really want a lot of pictures from us as a family with me in them too, so please try to send some to me! And that little thing of oil! Thank you for everything you guys are awesome! You can invite Brooke over to general conference too, she needs to watch it,haha don’t let her sleep either:)haha have a great week and i love you all, you’re going to love the presents!


Elder Fuller


September 23, 2009

C’Jay’s 25th letter ( 6 months!!! Can you believe it!!!)

Well Thank you guys for the package that I received! it was great to have a little American Kit Kats my favorite! So this week I was really excited to find out that I was in the pictures on the website for Curitiba! You guys need to go look at it! It’s not a big deal but it just has all the pictures of us during the parade! The Website is:


 Check it out and you can keep up with me that way too!!! So nothing much has went on down here just raining still and it’s really annoying! Everything of mine is molding because of the immense humidity! haha it sucks one day with my shoes and they mold the next! i had to wash them immensely! All my papers are ruining because of it too! We are working hard with these three girls that want to be baptized but they haven’t been to church yet so we have held off!! One has and she will be baptized on Saturday! Also we have found out that one lady has been visiting the church for 2 years every Sunday and loves it a lot, but says that she can’t be baptized because her husband won’t allow it, and he practices voodoo, and he wishes bad luck on other people to die for a lot of people! Its ridiculous and she is scared to death! We will be visiting and helping this lady overcome this guy! But also I was so excited that our work has paid off! We had 148 people there on Sunday! One more week like that and we will receive another chapel building! We have been working hard with less active members; we have even made pancakes in some houses to help them go to church the next Sunday! Its worked, my pancakes must be dang good!:) haha Also my cakes that I have been making have helped too!!!! Well that’s my week and I’m missing you guys too! Good luck with everything and I will definitely do the ballot! LOVE ELDER FULLLLLLER l

September 16, 2009

C’Jay’s 24th letter

 my letter will be short today! But dad good job, don’t get hot headed yet, really listen to what the people say and figure out what is best for them! Well there’s my mayor advice! hahah, but really do send a ballot here and I will fill it out! No worries! So today was the bomb, because I had the opportunity to go to the temple! It is so pretty I loved it! Also this week was good I’m learning so much and it’s so cool! I have been working extra hard and we have almost arrived at 6 months! YES! I’m doing good though, so don’t worry about me go and win the race! Well I will tell you if anything is new next week!

Love you all! Be safe!!

September 9, 2009

C’Jays 23rd letter

There are things in this world!

OK, So I just want to say first off that I guess I’m the only one who knows how to handle a four-wheeler when it is going out of control down a hill at 60 miles per hour and hitting boulders and jumps too!! haha, no I’m glad everyone’s safe and no one died I hope you guys are doing good up there in the English world! I have had a great week this past week other then the rain! I’m also speaking Portuguese a little better! They have so many stinking rules in this language its ridiculous! But it’s all getting easier now! I’m understanding and picking up new phrases that they use every day and I think I will be speaking quite fluent by Christmas! I have also had the opportunity to march in the Curitiba parade on Monday! it was awesome there were so many people and we marched as missionaries and sang called to serve! It was great and the cool thing is that everyone was clapping for us because they all know what we do! And it was even broadcast for everyone to see! We felt very proud and it was such a great experience that i will never forget it! So after that we worked that rest of the day and I talked to this guy that was deaf, he read lips really good and I read palm writing really good! He wrote imaginary letters on his palm and I guessed what his name was and wrote down his address it was a great experience and he was really cool too! haha So I don’t remember if I’ve told you this before but this lady in our ward she is about 74 years old and every Sunday she walks about 4 or 5 kilometers to the church. She never misses the church activities and she is the nicest lady too! She also walks and jumps like she was 25 years old! She is my hero! But that’s about it for the stories for this week! So i have some things that I would like you to send me if you could again! I need 10 ties! My other ties are falling apart and wearing out, I also need that bottle of oil thing one last time, if that is not a problem! And also I have committed myself to learn Spanish before I leave too! It is so similar to port agues and all I need is a Book of Mormon and a dictionary! If I learn that I can get any job in America now. So if you could send me these things that would be the best!

Thank you guys and have a great week!

Love Elder Fuller 

September 2, 2009

C’Jays 22nd letter


Hey guys! How is everything going? Did you guys get a deer this past month or did you miss? I want to hear some stories? So ya i have been sick too jade no worries though its not the flue just a cold, also i have been working harder and harder each week to stretch myself and i never knew how far i could go without stretching my strength! The problem is, is that now im sick:) haha No but this past week has been awesome and so spiritual and im so greatfull for the things that im learning! I have never learned so much stuff doctrine wise and also life too! Im learning so many things that its crazy! Im so thankful i came on my miss! I would of really never gained a testimony if i would of kept living the way i lived! I can’t believe what im learning about studying the gospel! In school i use to just study one part and think that i would understand the one part! But really if you dont study it all you can totally get the wrong idea! I really never have read the bible in my life! But my favorite thing is reading about Jesus Christ from 3 different perspectives Matthew, Mark, and Luke they really tell some cool things that Jesus did as an example! Its so hard to be perfect cause we dont know everything! But its so awesome to try! I have never been so dang sappy spiritual in my life, its annoying to others but its so awesome to feel for yourself! Well i better get back to our house now im beat! Have a great week guys, love you all and take care! Mom did you put the money in the accont, just checking because i will use about 50-60 bucks for a birthday present for you all for the winter! Our investigator makes them and its the only way she is living, so it is summer now and everyone is not buying them anymore, but they are really popular in this area and everyone has them! She is realy talented! She already made me some and they are really cool! well see you all later! Love elder fuller!

Also thank grandma and grandpa fuller for that journal entry it was awesome!! and i will be sending the pictures this week!!!!

August 26, 2009

C’Jays 21st letter

Hey Guys! NO! send all the letters to the same place and they will give them to the missionaries in the field ok! SO my companion is good, we are just trying to figure out what we like and what we hate too! We get along pretty good, we are both greenies so we are learning as we go:) So my area is really cool its called Uberaba and its i think at the complete opposite end of Curitiba the city so thats cool. The members here are amazing and help out so much, we only had i think 4 lessons without members this week and we had 26 lessons in total! They are great, we had 2 baptisms this week and they are really cool ladies! They are already giving us references of their friends and family, so its awesome! Our area has areas that are a little richer and some that are poorer. We also have one area that we cannot go in after the hours of 6 o-clock! They have gang rivals everynight there and its really dangerous. We talked to a members daughter who lives on one side of the area to go with us to the other side to teach a young girl, she refusedd and told us that they would probably kill her if she went on that side! Afterwards my companion told me that he wanted to share the scripture to her about the evil man in the scriptures who tried to kill Ammon with the sword but fell down dead himself because Ammon had God on his side! But i told him, lets not test god!haha. Also, i have a bigger testimony now about the Holy Ghost! Because everywhere i go and i feel that a rope is tied to my legs pulling me to the house i just passed or thats across the street! And every time we are able to teach a lesson, its amazing! so heres a story! We stopped this one guy on the street this week and he said that he had no time for us in his house and that its really complicated to find his house! So we taught him on the side of the road! He liked our message and agreed to give us his number to call him for the next visit! We called him 2 days later and the number didnt exist, so we had the strongest feeling to go look for his house down this street! We talked to a few people and one of them happened to be his mom!It was a miracle that we found his mom out of all these people! She said that he lives behind a motel in a small house! We found him and he is really interested! so thats my story and i think he will be baptized too! So thats good.  Sorry the post office here sucks and im kind of mad cause they lost some letters already i think! Just be carefull and i will send a package tomorrow with letters and my other memory cards! Also put about 100 bucks in the account im going to have one of our investigators make you guys each something! They are awesome! You will love them ok! Love you all and thanks for all the support! letters will be written today! dont be worried!


August 19, 2009

C’Jays 20th letter

Hey guys im in a new area here called uba raba… something like this! I have a new companion named elder young he is really cool! I hate computers here really bad sorry i will write you a letter today and a longer description next week love elder fuller


August 12, 2009

C’Jays 19th letter

Hi guys, so i only get 120 for 15 days for energy and water which is anywhere from 50 to 60 bucks every time each and for food and other things its about the same so i really am carefull with money. Our last bill for energy was 230 bucks so we didn’t eat for 15 days hardly we will never be using a heater again that’s for sure! But just check the account everyweek because it is my back up fund and i appreciate it so much. Thanks a ton!! But anyway we have the baptism and marriage all on the same day on the 28th so we went and talked to the bishop about it and he said that we couldn’t hold it on that saturday because he had a little girls birthday party already scheduled! He is driving us nuts, so we had to move it to the friday instead! HE is a big headache!!! so also we had two baptisms this past sunday, and it was really funny! I had to baptize this lady 5 times because she didn’t understand the meaning total immersion! Her feet kept coming up so on the fifth time i had to stand on her feet and kneel on her knees and it finally worked! It was really funny. but she wanted  a picture in front of the picture of jesus with her glasses on!… she is like a little kid!! haha but other then that one of us will be transfered on the 18th i want to stay but on the other hand i want to go! SO i was thinking about hunting and im homesick now… no just kidding have fun and be safe i love you guys and have a great week im sending my pictures this week. also what happend to my other memory card? do you still have it!? please send if you do! LOVE ELDER FULLER


August 5, 2009

C’Jays 18th letter

Well im glad you guys are having fun while im here fighting off the swine flu every day. In curitiba its pretty bad we have over 100 people that have it and so far 4 or 5 have died! But no worrys i followed the example of tyler and i now carry a bottle of 99.9% germ free gell! So im pretty sure im safe! No, but they said that this flu will die in the sun, so we have until the end of August to bare off this sicknes! haha No but everything is going good down here. I cant wait to go on this river rafting thing sounds fun!! ESPECIALLY if its with brooke and mom too!:) im missing moms cooking right about know really bad! the other day we were eating at a house and they placed these steaks on the table and they looked amazing so i took the biggest two! My companion said you like lkasjfajf, i didnt understand so i just said yes i love all meat! it turns out it was liver, you guessed it the mushy stuff that sticks to the roof of your mouth! it was the hardest meal of my entire mission to finish those huge livers:) haha BUT i love it here.   i love you all and have recieved grandmas package tell her thanks for me! this week i will be teaching english and am excited so i will talk to you later. Love you all and watch brooke for me!!!! LOVE ELDER FULLER
              P.S. new word BOOHOOO i dont know how to spell it but it      sounds like this, it means dumb! you are a boohoo:) love you all and be nice! 

Mom please make sure i have money in my account because i think im out and i won’t use so much. This past week has been crap with money because of busses and our energy bill was 280 because we have this little heater. Dont worry we will not be using that ever again. So if you could please check to see if i have 50 bucks in every week because i really do use it for busses and stuff which is expensive! Sorry i feel like a mucher for asking for money! But i will work hard so you guys recieve blessings ok! thanks again! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

July  29, 2009

C’Jays 17th letter

Mom your the best and i love you so much your awesome for doing all this for me!!! im sorry that i keep asking you for things up there i feel like a mucher. So sorry and thank you for making brooke feel good that means so much to me! so im glad you guys are having a good time up there! Dont worry im keeping all the rules! ive never kept so many rules in my life its ridiculous:) haha no but im getting blessed for it so that is the best! so sorry im so late today the reason is that, we had a service project with this guy who had a private pond to fish in:) Best p-day in the world!!! i had a blast, didn’t catch anything but it was so nice to relax and remember about home!! the reason why is that he chucked a half of gallon of dog food in before to show us all the fish. i was going to kill him! so other than that it was awesome! so we figured out that we can’t fish in lakes but we can in private ponds! it was rad! Also we are really busy and are doing a lot down here! So ive decided that im not going to send you guys photos of my baptisms! It will make it that much better when i get home to watch it on the big screen! i promise i will take pictures of all of them dont worry!:) But i will still send you pictures of other stuff and me in them too ok:) love you guys take care and i will write you some letters today ok!:) Have a good week. ELDER FULLER…….
  P.S. Mom i think you are the best mom in the world! thanks for being my number one fan:)!!!


JULY 22, 2009

C’Jays 16th letter (A cop chase in Brazil)

 This week a lady that we were teaching said that she knows that our church is true now, becuase she said that she saw me in this dream and i was in white clothes and she said that it was a sign from gGd! So she said she will be getting baptized soon! luiciamara is getting baptized, but she requested that we baptize her in a lake because its more(cheequi) or (cool) haha she doesnt have all the tools in the shed, but i think it will be sweet! plus i will be baptizing her too! So the other day we were in this  place helping kelly get papers to get married and we hear people running, i turn around and a cop car slams on his brakes and one jumps out and tackles two guys on the sidewalk that were running,the other cop jumps out waving his gun and points it at one of them and starts screaming! Just as he pointing his gun at this guys head the other cop reaches in and pulls out this huge revolver no joke its barrel was a foot long! He pulled 4 bullets out of that thing and they were close to the size of a 416 shotgun shell! haha it was nuts! The cops just laughed and the citizens just kept on walking! So this Sunday my companion and I and the other companionship in my group sang in sacrament meeting! I just found out that there has not been any elders in our area for 3 years only sisters! I also found out that they don’t have the area for iguacu(the falls) or Cascavel anymore so i will never get to see that, its apart of laundrina now! So i want to put together this english class for my investigators here cause everyone wants to learn english. so if you have any books or grammer, or anything that would be great! so thats my week and im so tired!   Also if you have time can you send a ctr ring to me its called the black titanium ctr ring (size 9) for my companion, its for his birthday. I will send you some money for it! Thanks! i love you guys got to go now!

 ATE MAIS! love elder fuller:)


C’Jays 15th letter (His first Baptism, Mateus)

July 15, 2009

Hey guys what’s up so this week was really great and we had two baptisms because the others chickened out on us! But they said they would this month so pray for them! So also i baptized my first person yesterday and his name is Mateus! He is so cool and right before i dunked him he looked up and gave me the biggest and brightest smile! it was so awesome and such a great experience! Also we have been working with this family of 5 that have been living with each other for 6 years but not married yet! We had a family night with some members for them and we watched the movie TOGETHER FOREVER it was so amazing because they agreed to get married then and baptized too! It was so spiritual! So mom I’m going to teach the deacons, teachers, and priests how to cook pancakes and maple syrup. But i need supplies, so can you buy me some maple syrup extract and instructions how to make maple syrup! and some recipes for chocolate chip cookies! Thanks mom you’re the best! So Kaylee you can date him as long as he treats you good! and tell him if he wants to learn more about the gospel that the mission is the best thing for him! Tell him not to be worried about anything! and also you can’t get married until I return anyways so tell him to get out there! haha so I love you guys have a good week and let me know about these things, I need them quickly! You’re the best mom. Thank you so much! Also watch the movie TOGETHER FOREVER this weekend and pray for this family for us!:)

Take care and love you all. PEACE! ELDER FULLER

C’Jay’s 14th letter

July 8, 2009

Hey guys my first transfer and i stayed in the same area and have the same companian for another 6 weeks! Fantastic! No worrys we have 6 baptisms this Sunday and more lined up for this week! So dont even worry about it! I ‘m so excited and i cant wait! I’ m glad you invited brooke to the reunion, she said it was tons of fun! I’m glad she is apart of the fam! So i wrote you more letters last week i hope you will be getting them! I’m also going to send a video with me on it and my card in the next letter ok! So be ready! So i love you guys and i will tell you how everything goes next week! Hope you liked my letters. i got the package and opened it on the fourth from Ty and Mary and i will be writing them a letter today! love you guys and i will send another letter tomorrow! Take care and thanks for the prayers and fasts! no kidding i was speaking Brazilian port. on Sunday! and could feel the fastings and prayers. but Monday i was back to normal;) so new plan just don’t eat for two years,  perfect. love you guys have a good day and week…. ELDER FULLER

C’Jays 13th letter

June 24, 2009

Hey guys, whats up so i didnt get a chance to read your letter on email yet but i will. Tell grandma and grandpa that I still want letters from them its just been difficult to keep up! Tell them thanks for the cool letter about my great great grandpa it was cool! So keep that up! Also we have not baptized anyone yet which is a bummer but we have about 6 or 7 ready for July so we are excited about that! It looks like you are having fun up there in the sun!  You guys need to try this avocado drink its really good! So i dont know if i have an allergy or if they are bugs but i got bite markes or a rash that is all over my body:) haha just another story!:) but i sent a few letters last week to you so you should get it about this week i think! Thanks for the oil you are awesome! love you guys, I am teaching my self  how to cook and i made some mean pancakes:) haha but send me some recipes so i can learn more! well thanks a bunch guys i love you all have a good week and thanks for writing mom and thanks for being my number 1 fan!

ate mais! love elder fuller

C’Jay’s 12th letter (12th week)  3 months already!!!!

June 17, 2009

C’Jay emailed us a letter but the plug was knocked out of the wall before he could send it so we didn’t get much because he ran out of time. But he did say everything was good down there! But we also just recieved his letter in the mail. Now remember his letter was written about 2 weeks ago because it take about 2 weeks for us to receive snail mail! But its fun to get his letters in the mail though! 

HI Family

HEy Guys Elder Fuller Here!

Well my me and my companion went to his house, this guys name is Silva and he shared his experience with he prayed about the Book of Mormon, it was really cool, cause I could only pick out some words here and there but I could feel the spirit way strong! Even though I had been having a hard week it just reminded me of why  Im here and it change my whole outlook on that day!

So my 1st companion is from Brazil and he is not very patient with me and gets mad when i dont understand the langauage. So heres a funny story that made me laugh so hard. So we were at a house, o and by the way, we dont knock on doors here, they have gates and fences around their house so you have to clap! So anyway we were at this house and we were clapping at the gate, and this big pitbull dog comes running towards the gate and he had a broken chain around his neck like he just broke of  his chain. So my companion backs away from the gate slowly and just stared at this dog like it was death coming for him. So anyway we sit there and it just barks and barks and barks, until it get enough energy to jump on top of this gate! So I m starring at this dog  just barking at me and I m just laughing, I turn around and my companion is litterally running down the road as fast as he can and screaming “O Cachorro e Bravo, O Cachurro e Bravo!” Which means (The dog is mean!) So I turn around and its wagging its tail and panting on top of this gate. haha! SO i pet its head and look at my companion and say :Sim Muito Brabo”!  Then I busted up laughing… O which means (yes! VERY MEAN) and I am still laughing about it now! haha! So he felt dumb and I gave him a hard time about it all day and that made us a little bit better friends!

So yesterday we taught a little girl who wants to be baptized by us! I hope she picks me, I think she will cause all the little primary kids, deacons and teachers all love to hear me talk in English and ask me what my favorite basketball team and player is!  They all call me Elder Fubaker because my last name starts with an F (Fubaker means slacker) Dont ask me why,  but thats my name and they all giggle when they say it haha! But no worries its coming! SO we teach about 8-9 lessons a day and get 10 or 11 addresses to visit each day. The people are either evangelists or catholics and they are tough to persuade that Joseph Smilth was called a prophet, But when you can get them to just pray about it they feel and receive an answer! It SO COOL! We have a lady investigator who wants to be baptized on the 14th. So i am pretty excited about that! Well all is good down here guys! Share this letter with who ever wants to read it! Its all good with me! Take care guys and have a good week or two!!!

C’Jay’s 11th letter (11th week)

June 10, 2009

Hey guys thanks for all the prayers! You don’t even know how much i have learned with your prayers! Its awesome! So anyways Iam glad you liked the presents and stuff! shaniah, kaylee and mom i still owe you something else so be patient!   Send letters  through regular mail I like them better! Also i tried to see how long I could go with 120 reas, I can’t live off ramen noodles and cookies:) so i took some money out of my account, so just make sure that doesn’t run out! I probably won’t exceed 50 dollars in two weeks so dont worry about that! So this week has been good and we are baptising Isabella on Saturday and I can’t wait, my first baptism! It’s so cool! All the primary kids love me down here cause they laugh when I say stuff in english! Its a great place here!  Also they should open up a dog hunting day, because the dogs are decrepid and discusting down here! So i will be talking with the mayor down here to see if thats possible. da da dada da dada da da dada du! dad mr mayor! cool that sounds like fun! I hope you get elected! So when I get back you can run for president:)! So i hope you are all having fun in the sun, because I am as pale as a ghost down here! It sucks! But it’s fun well I will write you a longer letter today and send it by mail tomorrow and you tell me when you get it and we will decide about mission ties! ok:)  see you guys have a great week!:) bye good luck MR. PRESIDENT, I will vote for you!

C‘Jay’s 10th letter (10th week)

June 3, 2009

Hey guys, I’m doing good down here! My companion sucks, but its all good ! I’m learning patience! iIcan’t speak very much but thats ok, I will get it! We had a baptism aligned up for sunday, but I don’t think she will stop smoking! O well there’s more out there! So anyway I hope everything is going good up there! Glad to hear everyone is busy! I love you guys I will be praying for you, pray for me! So this first week has been tough, but its all good! O you should probably know that a 40 and some odd year old lady told my after I was done with my mission Ishould marry her 15 year old daughter! that was kind of awkward cause I had no idea what she said so I just smiled and nodded and my companion had to say that I had already have a girlfriend. haha! ya i hate portuguese. So you guys take care! I’m doing ok, I’m just getting adjusted to mission life here, so see you all later! ate mais. love you bye! 

C’Jay’s 9th letter (9th week)


To Fam, from Elder Fuller                                                                                                                                                                         May 27, 2009

Entao! What is going on up there in fact what is going on down here, I have no idea! So I got a Brazilian companion that is pretty quiet and it kind of difficult for me, Cause I have no idea where I’m at in Curitiba, i was told Timbù….. Where ever that is, so look it up on google earth, and type in the address and maybe you can see our house, its yellow! Well anyways last night I slept over at another apartment cause my companion had to take a 8 hour bus ride from Cascavel to here! So I slept on a mattress on the floor! then before that, we talked about spiders and stuff to watch out for at the mission home before we left, and there is this spider here that has huge legs, well that night I slept by the wall and this morning i woke up(at 5^:{) to  see that same spider right across from my face on the wall! when the Brazilian saw it he took his shoe smashed on the wall and he spoke a little English and said… Dangerous. so that was great!! haha, don’t worry mom I don’t want you calling people about this either! I’m a big boy:) so my area is pretty sweet and a little nicer then the sleep over area, but there is a few dirt roads and a lot of small houses! I’m so excited to get started! we have two meetings with investigators tonight about the Book of Mormon, so that’s cool! Then we will have lunch at the bishops house and he will give us a list of people who will be feeding us for lunch and stuff 🙂 well there is a lot of nice people here, but they speak so fast it seems like it’s all one huge word! haha, I can understand a lot of it, but it’s just the fact that I need to open up my vocabulary! So everything is good down here and its all of a matter of adjusting, and I’m definitely learning patients that’s for sure:) well i hope you get my letters today, don’t worry cause i sent them with my friend at the ctm, he will deliver them all today! also i had no idea that i would get the chance to email today, so that’s rad! so I have the address right here I think, so make sure you call them or whatever and tell them to change the address to be sent here now, ok!, so have a great week and be patient!! por favor!!!!!!!! love you all! TAKE CARE:)

Elder Fuller
Praça joseph smith, 15- Portão
CEP: 80610-210 Curitiba-PR 


Elder Fuller
Praça joseph smith, 15- Portão
CEP: 80610-210 Curitiba-PR

C’Jay’s 8th letter (8th week)

May 19, 2009

Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints for all of Brazil! it was so awesome! Apparently those Garth Brookes songs paid off a little bit down the road, because I was chosen out of 75 I was number 22 so don’t even worry about it! We have been practicing so hard for about 2 hours each day since last Thursday! It has just reminded me why I never took choir! I can’t stand it! It’s so boring! But anyways they recognized us and 2 of the area 70 were there as well! so it was legit! The news was there and i was in the middle and im pretty sure all of Brazil saw my face! and I’m pretty sure I’m going to baptize tons of people because of my voice! and I’m pretty sure all of brazil will buy the Garth Brookes CDs and Maria Carrey cd’s now, cause I was told that I sounded like a mixture of both…. it so no big deal:)ha-ha anyways we did way good and i had a blast! MOM and DAD, thank you so much for everything you do it means so much to me, i can feel your prayers!! I have seen them before!!! But anyways take care! Have a great week and remember me in you prayers, cause im so nervous to get out there!

Love you all


C’Jay’s 7th  letter

May 12, 2009

WOW he really is growing spiritually!  He sent me a Happy Birthday and Happy Mothers Day letter! Even though he couldn’t call me on Mother’s day his letter meant so much to me!

Happy Mothers Day and Happy Birthday MOM! I hope you are doing good! I have a scripture for you. Alma 56:47-48, story of my life! Substitute he and him for them and theirs. This is my battle being on a mission, and without you , I wouldn’t  be here, because I have learned to gain a testimony off of yours! Thanks mom I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day! I love YOU!

Hey Fam,

Hey so Im doing good down here, the schedule of classes every day for 14 hours stinks! Also the food is so bad! I have figured out what makes the food good tho….. you put it on your plate, and walk over to the garbage can and drop it in! haha!  But good news they said that Brazil is booming and that it is not odd to baptize over 50 people on our whole mission! But the problem is that these people tend to fall away from the church after awhile! This is my goal though…. To baptize 50 people and have them all stay in the church! I’m going to do  it! Also In Curitiba they said thay have rats that are really big and they are aggresive. If I kill one I will send it home for your bday shaniah! cool! 

Hey go to seminary! I wish I would of stayed awake in class ive learned that seminary is to put ideas into your head and the more that you ponder it and crave to know the truth, that is when you will gain a tesimony. When I got here, I really had not thought about Jesus Christ suffering for us, but when I studied it, and learned that he was a God and that he didn’t have to go through what he went through in the garden and on the cross, but he did it because God asked him to and because he loves us, IT HIT ME! Just like I would do anything for the people I  Love, I would want to  save the ones I love  from eternal death, and Jesus Christ did the same! This made me think….  I thought this was true all my life but I never came to be grateful of it until I got here. At first I used to not follow all the rules, I used to complain about how stupid the rules were, but i have found that after reading what Jesus went through and figuring out that he would be happy with me if I just followed them, then I knew that that was the least I could do for what he did for me! After I realized this I felt no need to be disobedient and no need to complain any more, cause of the things I complained about were stupid compared to what Jesus went through! It is so much easier to follow the commandments and obey things if you come to understand this concept! 

I like writing to you guys my experiences cause it helps me gain a testimony! Thanks again! 

So guess what, I went out proselyting the other day and I taught this one lady with a little fat girl like you shaniah, but when I told her that God loves her and that she could live with her family again, she started to cry! It was so cool!  So a mission is so hard. I’ve decided that trying to teach a lesson is a lot harder that just knowing it.  I ‘ve been taught that everything I know is just how we do it! But here people need to know why! It ‘s frustrating because you just want to tell them that is what God said to do, and just do it! You have to study so hard to anwer these question but i have grown to love it! Yesterday I nailed the word of wisdom in english! I shared scriptures and bore my testimony and told them what God wants them to do! Even though this was just practice,  during the feedback ,I got the biggest uplifting feeling after she said that I did it perfectly!I was so HAPPY! And today at sacrament  meeting I was asked again to give another talk! I did pretty good on how we must have humility. haha! But afterwards the presidents wife came up to me and said” That was a wonderful talk, your mother would be proud, and you are ready to teach in the field!” I am so excited to get out there! But the only problem is that I have to still translate that into protugese! haha, no i will be fine! After all I am promised the gifts of tongues, if i work hard! I hope everything is going good. I m missing home alot some days, but I know I have to be here! Take Care! ELL TE AMA (ILove You)!

Love Elder Fuller

C'Jay and Companions

C’Jay’s 6th letter

May 5, 2009

Boy do I love love Tuesday’s! I wait each week like a little kid waits for Christmas just to see what C’Jay will be sending me!!! SO today I received a picture that was taken TODAY at the Sao Paulo Brazil Temple with his District! I was so excited to see him! Ya and he does look like he’s gaining some wait! haha! Hats off to Brazil! We never could get him to gain any weight ever! Well maybe we are sending wayyyy to many goodies for him! haha!

Hey fam, Thank you so much it was so awesome to get all this food! i think that should be good through mission ties with the packages and all cause they are slow and i still have to spend 50 bucks on food, and everything is way cheap so that should be good! thank you guys so much it is so awesome!! but i think thats enough so let me catch up:) so today iam going to work on pictures instead of email. so i hope you like my letters, Im sorry i never got yours cause it was a holiday this past week and all stores and post office were closed, but i will respond to them next week! ok:) see ya enjoy my pics! they are sick!!!

 I am so proud of grandma rhea, its so awesome that she is going to the temple for her and grandpa! Tell her hi for me and that i will get her letter to her next week.  Well I love you all so much, this language is hard, but im doing pretty good saying it, but my ears are not yet tuned in to hear it though. Oh well, it will come! But i love you all and be safe have a good week! ps mom, have a good birthday and mothers day , love you tons and I will always be thinking of you:)!!!

Elder Fuller #5

Elder C'Jay Fuller at the Sao Paulo Temple 5-05-09

Elder C’Jay Fuller at the Sao Paulo Temple 5-05-09

The Beautiful Sao Paulo Temple

The Beautiful Sao Paulo Temple

C’Jay’s 5th letter

April 28, 2009

Last week we didn’t get his 7 page letter due to the fact that he sent it to the wrong email address! I cant believe how much we wait to hear from him each week! It was so hard to not hear personally from him! Thank goodness the one to his grandparents came through so we had something to keep you all updated!

hey FAM!
so everything is good in the mtc, im really busy!! the brasilaros call me arron carterfrom the back street boys so thats pretty lame. we had trc last saturday and that was fun! we did way good, trc is when you teach real Brazilians but they are members so you can’t screw up that much:) it was fun! i called one Brasiliankid Michael Jackson and he flipped me off:) everyone laughed so hard it was funny! but now we are the best of friends and he is teaching me how to speak slang and many other cool things in portaguese:) haha. it was really cool cause the Brazilians come to the mtc and in 1 week they go through the temple. i take advantage of having a temple so close all the time it was so cool to see the Brazilians hop off that bus with tears in there eyes and as soon as they get to the room they hit there knees and start thanking Heavenly Father for the privilege to go to the temple it was soooo cool! But im goin to miss not being there for mothers day this year! im kind of really sad about that. But dont worry mom i love you! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! you’re the best ever! so far i got kaylee and you to get  presents to!! so dont worry:) today we went to the Sao PauloTemple and it was so pretty and it was amazing!! So all this rice is fattening me up! i have gained 10 lbs already, awsome huh! im goin to be a porker when i get back haha! well you probably already know we went prostaliting last 2 fridays ago and it was awsome we handed out all of the book of mormons! haha well i love you all!  im glad they liked the letter. im glad kevin is here too! well peace out fam love you all hope you like the mission ties i sent to you too! love: elder fuller

Cont. April 28, 2009

The following are some stories from C’Jay’s 7 page handwritten letter he sent  to us through missionties!

To family

So I have been wanting to tell you a story about what happened to me on April 1st….. so I was sitting in class that day and two Brazilian members of the  MTC Presidency came in and said, ” Is C’Jay Kim Fuller here? I said, Ya I’m right here!” They said, “Can I talk to you out in the hall right now please!” So they took me out of calss and told me, “So we were looking over the visa’s and we found that yours had some problems, so we are going to have to send you back to the MTC in Provo until we figure it out!” I was all, “Is this April Fools, and they said, “No whats April Fools?” I was all, “No Way!” Then they said, “YA we need you to gather your stuff up and head up to the room to pack.” I turned pale and said “ok.” So I went back in, and the class said, “So Whats Wrong?” and I told them and then about 2 minutes later after I had everything packed up from my class  and almost in tears, they came in and looked at me and said in broken english, “APRIL FOOLS”!!! I was so relieved that they said that! After that though I laughed all day about it  and so did my district!  haha!

I’m doing good though. I’m keeping busy and tyring to talk to Brazilaros! Its Fun!! Brazil is awesome and I love it here. There are so many people that need to be taught its not even funny! So we came up with our mission name, its “CURITIBATIZA!” 

It’s sunday and these past couple day have been pretty difficult learning how to speak and five lesson 1 in Protuguese. I was struggling all week and when Saturday came we were tested on our first lesson. You know that I dont do good on tests, so i took my lesson in on paper and read it because i have no idea how to speak free mind yet, i was getting chewed out because i ws using my paper! All day I tried to forget aobut it, but I was down in the dumps until sacrament meeting. Today in sacrament meeting i felt the strongest urge to not give up , so today when everyone was sleeping, I decided to try to explain my leson in Portuguese with out m paper….. I DID IT, with the exception that i did’nt know a few words and that it took me about 30 minutes. I DID IT! It was so AWESOME! But i’m still not even close to the level of where ai want to be so please please dont forget about  me in your proayers!!!! Iwont forget either! Thanks a bundh and I’m always thinking about you guys! See you later!

Elder Fuller

C’Jay’s 4th letter

April 21, 2009

This letter was sent to my Mom and Dad (C’Jay’s grandparents)  in response to a letter they sent him. My brother Kevin passed away 3 years ago. This letter from C’Jay meant so much to all of us!

so hey guys thanks for the food and all the letters too, it was great! brazilis so awsome and i love it down here! you guys have been such a great example to me. i just want to say that if it wasnt for you guys and kevin i would not be here. i always consider myself as the second missionary in our family. kevin was the first. he taught us all so much through his example! Kevin always would tell me not to smoke, drink, do drugs, because its retarded and hard to get over. He is the reason that im here today! i know we all miss him but i know he is here with me, because i can feel him helping me with this language. i want to say kevin was my greatest example and i looked up to him. We are both on this mission together, and he is here i know it. i love you guys, keep writting me through mission ties, and tell everyone hi! see later.
from your 2nd missionary: ELDER FULLER:)

 C’Jay’s 3rd letter

April 14, 2009

hey guys mission ties is the only way to go! i cant write everyone on email, please send to missionties!!!!!!! it will help me so much! thanks, well happy birthday kay! i was goin to send you some maracuja juice but they wouldnt let me send it! its sick anyways. thats funny tho and its awesome you guys did that!please send letters to mission ties and i can answer all your questions. i barely have enough time to write all you guys. so good job jdee that was so cool you hit that homer! it makes me proud! shaniah you lost my phone eh…. check your flab:)…. also shaniah is “gordura elephante” in my language, haha jk check it out on the internet! :)haha i laughed when i read that!so dad im glad you would save me in no less them 2 years !  MOMMY my fav. thanks for writting me alot it means so much to me, keep doing mission ties they just had a glich or something but it helps so much so i can write it on paper then send it. well i love you and everything is going good, my first prostaliting time is friday, i know how to speak a little in conversation, and i have the first short lesson down in portoguese so thats good. but its still the same stuff, i will tell you some stories next week, but i need you to just answer questions through ties. PLEASE!! love you all and i will talk to you later! im praying for you all! PEACE!! 🙂

C’Jay’s 2nd letter

(Before you read his letter just know that C’Jay and Shaniah call each other fat! Its just a funny joke and not meant to be mean! I just thought I would explain that so you would know! haha!)

April  7, 2009

HEY, its nice to know i have been named after a fish!i see no resemblance whatsoever! if anything shaniah looks like the famous whale named shamu:) jk fatty!well everything is good down here I’ve learned and memorised the first vision, purpose, prayer, testimony, and almost my street contact in Portuguese! its great! so i appreciateall the kind letters.  Mom thank you for that Easter package i just got it today it was so good! I’m so sick of rice and stupid pinto beans i could throw up! if your eating lots of beans make sure you check your jeans! im not kidding either! with the humidity everything feels wet, so you could of sharded and you would never know!it hasn’thappened to me yet but ive heard stories:) so anyways since I’ve been down here I’ve noticed the buses rule the roads, and the motorcycles don’t care! they weave in and out of traffic like no other its nuts! also the streets are gross and they stink… like jdee! But overall everything is good! So in conference i thought about what we all would look like if i was there. this is what it would look like…. mom would tell everyone to take notes, dad would be sitting in the chair listening, until eventually he slides down to the floor where he falls asleep, kaylee would be on a couch texting cuddling pebbles, jdee would be taking notes diligently….. ya right some sort of weapon like airsoft or blowgun would be out as he plays with my dog >:/ ha and shaniah the golden walrus would be taking notes and drawing pictures of the speakers. why mom sat up and cries through 90 percent of the talks!haha but me I’m in a hot room sitting in a hard chair, behind a kid who hasn’t wiped, and to tell you the truth i love it! But i got to get going I’m running out  of time. so send me your letters through mission ties so i can read them that would be great thank you guys! I lOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! talk to you all next Tuesday! chao
(Brook, C’Jay’s better half, also received a letter! He shared with her that is has been hard this past week because he is really missing everyone. But he said, watching conference  helped him feel better and know that he is where he is supposed to be! He said his new favorite quote is :

“A missionary can leave the ones he loves for two years, so that those he teaches can be with theirs for Eternity”  

C’Jay’s First Letter:

We waited an entire week to hear from him! I actually screamed when I got the message on my e-mail! YAY!!!!

March 31, 2009

Hey family this is elder fuller, cool huh!:)! well i was just wondering how everyone is doing? my first week here has been pretty long but its such a different world down here, its so amazing to me. Well if you get this today, just write me back! but if you don’t, i want you to look at this Mission ties thing cause everyone is doing it down here and it is the quickest andbest way to send, letters. you can also buy me stuff down here from home instead of sending packages. you can also write me anytime of the week and send it by email and they print it off and send it to my box at the ctm within like a day. so do it please and its way cheap too!!!i also sent a letter about 6 days ago so it should get there within the next few days! sign up on mission ties and send the response from that letter home that way! well mom if you get this i got an hour on the computer, so write me back:)haha
Its so awesome! i seriously love it down here! and yes i can pray already, I’m that good!:) so anyway i have to get off soon! But if you sign up for the mission ties thing right now!!!! that they sent  you then you guys can send me big letters by email so i can read them tomorrow so please do it! I’m missing you guys, so write letters tonight and send them by mission ties!!!!!  Then i will write you back next tuesdayaround 1 to 4:30, so be ready then! its worth it! also thanks for the letters I’ve been reading them all week! love you tons!!!! chao!


It was so good to hear from him, we signed up for missionties so he is able to get letters more than just on Tuesday! He sounds like he is really looking forward to hearing from everyone! 



  1. Elder Fuller,

    We are enjoying your letters that your mother forwards to us. It sounds like you are having a typical first couple of weeks there; meaning being homesick and all. We’re glad that you are liking it there and are looking forward to the missionary experience.

    Conference was great. I, (grandma) especially enjoyed Elder Holland’s talk about the Savior.
    All of them were good, but that one really stuck out most to me.

    We are moving again!!!!!! We found a house in this ward, thank heavens and it is just a couple of
    blocks from this one, but a one story. That will be better for Grandpa and me. Stairs aren’t our favorite thing any more. No, we’re not old, just practical! Ha! This has been a great house to live in, but much too big for us without Tif and the girls living here.

    Tifini has met a fellow that loves baseball. She gave him Diamondback tickets for Easter and he cried! Pretty cool, huh?

    We had Jeremy and Laree and family over the other night for an Easter Egg Hunt and to celebrate Cody’s birthday, which is on Easter.
    We are going to Utah for Easter, so won’t be here for his birthday. Jeremy turns 40 this year! I think this might be a difficult year for him. He is probably thinking he is very old! Ha! You’re only as old as you feel, right?

    We are very proud of you, C’Jay. We know this mission will be so good for you and your family and also for you and Brook’s relationship. Missions build spirituality, character and help one grow up to be a great person. You already are a great person, so this means that you’ll be an even greater person.

    We surely enjoyed your visit to Arizona. It was so good to see and be with you and the family.
    Did you eat all of those oranges?

    Take care and may God protect and bless you in all you do.

    Love Always,

    Grandpa and Grandma Fuller

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