More Letters from Brazil

C’Jays 101st letter
Febuary 23rd, 2011

Hey guys I am so happy for you all!!! I have not have had so many trunky dreams and thoughts in my life. I am so excited!! I am really glad to hear that you all are excited, because i am too!!! But stay small and simple cause that works best 🙂 haha! I just got an email from my Brazilian buddy that got home from the mission 3 weeks ago and he said that it is really different and a huge change too! I just worry way to much because when i talk in English I have trouble remembering the right words, sometimes I just substitute them into Portuguese, the Americans understand down here, but you guys???? I don’t know. I just don’t know what to think…. i am just worrying way too much now days. I just need to rely on the gift of tongues when i get back and the Holy Ghost to comfort me when I am scared. I am nervous 🙂 haha but no worries i can always hide behind my little orca (shaniah):).

         So this week will be a week of gold, we are planning to have 5 to 7 baptisms this week in the church. I am so excited. Then the next week we will be having a lot more too! We are planning on around another 5. Just pray for us so that we can receive your help. I may seem a little trunkey but I have already made a covenant with god that i will baptize even the day before i leave the mission. That is my goal and i know that it is just, so God will bless me with my last baptism on the last day that i am here in Brazil. I have been working really hard and I know that the blessings are coming now!! Don’t worry about me i will work my guts out when I am here!! I am really excited to help so many people and better families that we have. Tonight I will be giving an English class and it will be pretty sweet! Oh!! Another cool thing happened this week, i finally ate cow tongue, I have wanted to try it my whole mission and i finally ate it, it wasn’t that bad actually. Haha I wrote the recipe down and that will be what we eat one of those first 4 nights 🙂 Also I wanted to visit the Temple with you guys the day of! Well family i love you all and i wish you a happy last 3rd week with Elder Fuller in Curitiba. LATER ELDER FULLER   

C’Jays 100th letter (4 more emails and I am home)
Febuary 16th, 2011

// That is sooo awesome!!! Usually the weeks fly by and before you know it I’m home in that same bedroom on the floor watching movies next to pneumonia shaniah with tilees butt in kodas face and jdees overly loud snoars! Man I can’t wait to be home.haha I hope that I’m not weird though, that’s the one thing i don’t want to be when i get home, if i ever call you guys to repentance for anything just tell me that i am done with my mission and then i will stop. haha. So the other day i was talking to this guy in my ward and he told me about scuba diving in the ocean and lakes going around harpooning fish all day long. Wouldn’t that be really fun? That is one of my plans right when i get back, is to buy the equipment that i will need to start and then go up to any lake and hunt in the water. That is my next adventure that i have been thinking about lately.haha who is in with me??? Lake Powell anyone?? So i am excited for those kind of things when i get back there. But now for the part about my week. I am doing great, This last week our Zone all areas except for two taught in the minimum of 21 lessons. We were so excited to see that our zone is giving a good effort now. It was the first time since last February that my area has taught over 19 lessons. WE WERE STOKED. We know that the lord will bless our efforts with a lot of baptisms. My goal is 10 and I know that with hard work the lord makes miracles. I have 4 weeks to baptize 10 people and I know that the Lord will bless us with them:) Please pray for us, and me, during this period of time. Also our Zone is really excited and they are all so excited to baptize as well, we are all going for the same goal now and we are being so blessed with the tender mercies of the lord. I know that he has just led us to the elects this past week in our area, because it seems like all of the people that we found where just waiting to be baptized. Our part is now and we will succeed. Also i wanted to tell you that i translated a little for some south Koreans in sacrament meeting last Sunday. They spoke English but they were visiting and they didn’t speak Portuguese, so i translated for them and gave them directions to the temple, so that they could go and do a session there. It was the first time that i actually spoke real English to somebody other than my companion in a long time, it was hard and weird at the same time:) I am done for when i get back .haha Thank you for your emails you guys always know exactly what i need to get that little extra flame in my system to just keep going. I hope that these lasts weeks we will be blessed by the Lord, because i am nothing and i have to just rely on him and his tender mercies that he will give me in my life. I know that shaniah will be fine, because i have been comforted in every prayer. Just keep doing what the doctors tell you to do and you will get better. I am so grateful for the priesthood power, it is real! And with dad and grandpa behind it, there isn’t any doubt in my mind that it will be ok! I just hope she has got the movie selection aligned up for us when we get home, because i just keep getting trunkier every time i walk pass a movie rental store. I love you all and i will talk to you all next p-day when i will only have 3 more pdays left on my mission:) See you all later and i hope that you all have a great day and an awesome week!!! LOVE ELDER FULLER

C’Jays 99th letter
Febuary 9th, 2011

Wow….. That was a shocker for me. I thought that i would make it without anyone dying on my mission. But I know he is in a better place too. I hope that everyone else knows that as well!! I hope that the grandmas and grandpa are ok with it as well and that they know this too!! Mom and family please be careful and just take care of yourselves I just got 5 weeks left and I want to see all of you when i come back!!! I know that God will protect you all and I know that you all will be safe! Do your part and listen to those still small voices that literarily warn you to do something or not, don’t be prideful and think that it is just you worrying. IT    IS    THE    SPIRIT!!! Mom was really blessed, and what happened was not a coincidence, coincidences don’t exist they are just how the world explains miracles!!! I know that shaniah will be fine!! Stay strong and pray!!! I’m praying for you too, every day!! ALL OF YOU!! Thanks for the fast it was really felt. I actually had forgotten about my birthday until the day of, when the alarm on the cell phone went off with a message that i wrote on it a few months back, saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”! It was an awesome birthday because i baptized on my birthday!! I thought it was really special. It was this little girl that i interviewed in another area. When i asked her who she wanted to baptize her she looked at me and said i want you too! I was kind of surprised because usually that doesn’t happen. I knew God knew that that was what i needed. She wasn’t even from my area but she was really special, she even found out that it was my birthday and drew me a picture before the baptism. It has scenes in the picture. The first is written on the top “Sacrament meeting”, she drew me sitting on a bench behind her and i was waving and i said, “Hi tatiane!” then the next was written “baptism”, and had me and her in a baptismal font and we were standing exactly how we had practiced the night before. Then the next said, “Birthday”, and it was me on one side of the table with her on the other with a huge cake on the table in between us. The last scene was really cute, it said “The End”, it was both of us hugging underneath a rainbow on a hill! I almost started to cry, she is 9 years old and her parents were baptized too! That pretty much made my birthday right there!! We did have transfers and the lord thought it was best for me to stay here, so i will stay here. I hope some elects that i had promised before this life are out there waiting for me and i hope that God will lead me to them soon, because i only have so much time to help! Thanks for the fast; we will be working overtime in these next weeks. I am going to leave looking like I am 100 years old with a lot of grey hair! It’s my last transfer….! I have always sang, I hope they call me on a mission, and now my mission is coming to an end! My prayer is to leave the mission saying I have done my best and gave my all and I leave no regrets! I am so excited to just sprint the rest of the race now! Can’t wait to be with all of you soon, and I sure hope that the snow moves out quick because i love the sun, and I really am afraid that i will freeze to death because I am used to warm weather and sleeping without blankets now!!haha stay healthy and do your part and the Lord will do the rest! Love you all and see you soon!! LOVE ELDER FULLER

 C’Jays 98th letter
Febuary 2, 2011

// Hey guys thanks for the money i bought some cool things today with it:) I am so glad!! So ya this week was alright. Today we went to a Soccer stadium here to take a tour and it was pretty cool. We got in and we took some pictures and we took the tour and it was pretty cool, but just reminded me how much i don’t like soccer. ha ha But ya this week and transfer has really been a big learning moment on my mission. I have had probably more difficulties here then on any other part of my mission. haha. We have transfers this next week and I won’t be hurt if i get transferred 🙂 haha I will be praying for my sis too. I hope she gets better quick because she has to be healthy for when i get back. We have to build our huge water slide, and watch tons of movies. I had a trunky dream last night, and i even felt like i woke up in my on bed at first. That was hard getting out of bed after that. But we are working hard here and i learned something from a talk that i read, that not always in our life will we see the fruit of the seed that we planted. I guess i just have to learn way more patience, because i love seeing the fruit. But i was thinking about it and really it is true. For example i am a zone leader for one of my past areas that i served in and i am seeing miracles happen there with the people that i started to teach. In fact i will be going to a sealing of a lady that i helped get baptized, she got married to a member and after one year i can see the fruit of her baptism. I am so excited!! I also learned that one family that was sealed already when i was in Ponta Grossa. Really in some way or another I am making a difference. I hope that the difference that i make here will be the soccer championship in Curitiba. It will be starting in the end of February and my plans have been passed to a counsel that the stake president called just for soccer in our stake. We will be sitting with this counsel to discuss the rules, game play, and everything. From the look of it our Stake President is very excited and already looking to the future in where all of the Curitiba Stakes participate in the Soccer Championship! Let’s hope that that was my purpose here 🙂 Cause that is just about the Only successful thing that i have been able to do in this city so far:)haha jk. So if all goes well i shouldn’t come home without grey hair 🙂 Well you guys take it easy and whatever you need just let me know and i will get it for you. Thanks for everything. I love you all. thanks for everything. Have a great day and an awesome week. Be safe. Stay healthy. Keep reading the scriptures and following the Prophets counsels. That’s my pray that i want to leave with you all. See you next week love ELDER FULLER

C’Jays 97th letter
January 26, 2011

// Hey so this week was pretty cool we saw a whole bunch of miracles happen (baptisms) I am so thankful for the opportunity i have to serve others and help others as well!! I have been quite tested these past few weeks and months as well. I have been so exhausted every day that goes by. I really appreciate those emails that you guys give me. I don’t know what I would do without all of you guys! You all have made this trip a whole lot less bumpier then it is. I am so grateful for you all! When I read this letter I just about cried! My eyes are going to look like I had some bad allergies when I get back! I have been so confused this past month on what I am going to do with my life that I just don’t know anymore. But I was thinking about it and I would like to go to the temple the day that I get back. Would that be ok with you all? I just want to find something that I can do that I will like and that makes a lot of money 🙂 haha so anyways away from the trunky thoughts! I have learned some cool things about the plan of salvation and also about the atonement of Jesus Christ in my studying these past few days 🙂 That has been pretty cool!  I love this place and the people!! It was really hard this past month with some guy spreading a rumor in our ward that I and my last companion were racists. But you know what, it was just another learning experience that I was given 🙂 I have really learned patience here and forgiving as well! I have always had a hot temper with stuff but i hope that things got a little better. I am so excited to get home though, you have no idea, and I’m going to give mom a huge hug!!! and dad a kiss on the bald head then I will give shaniah a big hug too, then kaylee and bubba too, then when we get home koda, then the grandparents, then the uncles and aunts, then the cousins, then tawney i guess, then the cows, chickens, neighbors dogs and animals,  then…………….hmm……… i missing something?????……..O ya J´DEE…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. i will give him a high five:)haha. Well it´s just impossible not to be trunky on your mission I am sorry. In my opinion i think that it is quite selfish if you’re not! But ya i love you all and I can’t wait to see you in 7 weeks!!! Love your son, brother, friend and whatever else you consider me! 


C’Jays 96th letter
January 19, 2011

We decided to write cjay a letter and then have it translated by google translator! haha

// Alright first off don’t ever do that again. haha That gave me a head ache! Trying to translate that was absolutely nuts. There were so many things that I couldn’t understand unless i paid close attention. Haha that was funny though. I will write you something in Portuguese at the end of my letter today just to show you how hard it is:) So anyway this week was pretty cool!

Eu gostaria deixar meu testimumho com voçes que eu sei que o plano de salvação é muito profundo. mas Deus nos ama! Eu sei que cristo tinha que morrer por tudo mundo para que nos podemos ser como Cristo é, nosso grande Rei!! Eu amo meu família e espero que eles estão preperanda a ser um rei, sacerdote um dia tambem, por que hoje é nossa dia de preparação para continuar vivendo para sempre. Em nome de nosso Salvador e Redentor Jesus Cristo AMEN!!!!

C’Jays 95th letter
January 12, 2011

Hey guys im so glad that you all are going to fast for the missionary work, we are needing it! So, this week was cool we learned something new that we started to do with our mission. We started to walk with the book of Mormon in our hand on the streets it was awesome. We also as a companionship started to teach with the book of Mormon even on the first visit. Wow what an amazing affect. I am so glad for the book of Mormon and the clarity and the testimony that it has about Jesus Christ. It has already made our work as missionary’s a lot easier. Because its not just the words that teach but it is the Spirit of the Lord. It is definitely the corner stone that holds everything together. We are going to go to the church to help out with the sports night, the only thing is that it is raining and things are looking down for people to come and play. I hope that they do!!! Our Zone is on fire and we are going to baptize a lot in these next upcoming weeks in this month. We have a lot of dates and it looks as if this week we will be starting the baptisms. I am so excited. So i haven’t got my contacts, or card yet in the mail but when i do i will for sure tell you! I got a letter from our stake explaining about the stake conference. It sounded pretty good to me!! Hey so I have a few questions: Who is our bishop now? What ward are we in? How many people are in our ward? I am really lost with all of it now! Well all is well here, I’m still missing you all and love you all. Have a great week!! LOVE ELDER FULLER

C’Jays 95th letter
January 5, 2011

// Hey guys im doing great! It’s good to hear that all of you are too! So about the contacts that you sent. Thank you soo much that will be perfect for me for the rest of the mission. I really will need them thanks for the packages that you are giving me too. They were awesome. That is a great idea to have prime rib with real mashed potatoes and gravy too please, i miss that!! Also my talk can be scheduled for the 2nd week when i get back that would give me enough time to learn more English:) I had a great week and we are going to start church ball in our stake now, and guess who is in charge of it all….. yep me and my comp. We have to get refs and we will organize it all in the wards too. Its going to be sweet. Our whole ward is just really excited about it and we are all going to baptize a ton with this idea too!!! Tonight we will be organizing it a little and then Sunday the stake president will announce it all. We are going to be really busy this next week, but I’m excited! I’m so tired i look like a droopy 50 year old man but no problem!! I’m going to sleep for a week strait when i get home:) haha. So it’s good to hear that there is a lot of snow up there and you are all having a blast in it too! haha. So I can’t wait to play in that and the water too when i get home. I have so many things that i want to do its just like my brain is running way to fast to think of the things i want to do first. Hey i haven’t sent the manger scenes but i thought that it just might be cheaper if i took them on the airplane with me instead. What do you think? Christmas is over anyways 🙂 Also keep a look out for some translator jobs when i get back that doesn’t need a bachelor’s degree to get in to it. I would like to find something, but for now if you could just look for me that would be great. I need to focus on this time right now or nothing will work out. I have so many things to do here its not even funny! Also me and my comp are going to do a talent show in our ward and we are going to play the guitar and sing together. YES!!! that’s a Kodak moment!! I will send you our record and music video later:) haha Well fam i have to go now, i love you all and i wish you a merry week!! Ya i bet you said Christmas instead of week didn’t you……i did the first time too:)haha See you all soon


C’Jays 94th letter
December 29, 2010

Hey guys I’m doing good. So elder treasure was transferred and my new comp is Elder Nogeira, he is really cool and we are going to do a lot of good things to this area. This last week we have been having trouble getting people to teach but this week we are going to teach a whole bunch. We have some ideas that we are going to be putting into practice so we are hoping that it turns out good. I have been really excited for this transfer and i think it’s going to be a good one, pray for our health and our success. So these last couple days i got pink eye in both of my eyes. Wow what a fun experience, my eyes were so sensitive to the light it was not even funny!!! That’s why i had to get rid of my contacts. Right now i have my last pair in and then after I’m blind:) so i really need some help with those contacts:)haha So ya that’s my story this week, I haven’t got a whole lot of things to say or talk about but I’m sure that this next week i will. I am now senior in the companionship and i hope that the things that we do work and we have success. It was really good to talk to you all on Christmas and i loved to see everyone too. I can’t wait to get back and see all of you in person. So thanks for all that you have done for me, you are the best mom, and i love all of you guys too. Have a safe New Year and sorry dad i forgot to say happy birthday to you last week, but…….Happy Birthday!!!!! Also Don’t forget to make goals this new years!!! And go after them and achieve them all!!!!! Bye LOVE ELDER FULLER 

Wed, December 29, 2010 1:12:14 PM

Fwd: fotos da zon

Our pics at the temple and as a zone!! Save these ones and don’t erase them.

Elder Fuller and his Zone

C’Jays 93rd letter
December 25, 2010

I will probably call you guys when he is done 🙂 Those pics are awesome!!! Did you all have a good Christmas and wow that dog is beautiful, that big brown one in the pic. He has gotten so old:) I hope he will recognize me today:) haha So who is all there waiting:)

Really that is really cool. Who is there today waiting.

 I really don’t have any idea yet, but when i know i will let you know before I get on 🙂 But ya so do you have one present that you will tell me about today in mind:) haha

Alright don’t tell me I am joking. I want my presents in March. Christmas will be moved this year for me. It doesn’t feel like Christmas here when it is 95 degrees with 85 – 90 percent humidity. I have to have the weather a little colder:) haha So let’s pray this huge storm up there will stay until march 17. haha. So I’m guessing in about 5 min I will get on, go ahead and call up grandma and gramps now:) haha

Hey I’m calling you right now

C’Jays 92nd letter
December 22, 2010

Hey so i am so excited to talk to you all this week. I would like for you all to talk to me for awhile and get some questions ready for me when we talk so that the phone call can be organized and that we don’t waste time just sitting there. Think about this last year and tell me some cool things that happened and some cool things that will happen. But there is one rule on Christmas day you have to tell me at least one thing that you got me 🙂 because that will be my Christmas day gift. So I got one package with a ton of candy and it was great, I also got some coupons from you all and can’t wait to spend 20 bucks of jdees money and 20 bucks of shaniahs too.So also this Christmas we got two boxes full of just Christmas food from myward. It is awesome. So i also hear that it is just pouring down snow up there in the states. It’s pretty cool to see the snow, it’s been awhile. So i thought you would like those pics that i had taken. I hope that you are all well and that everyone is having fun and take care!

C’Jays 91st letter
December 15, 2010

You guys have no idea how involved you all were on a huge miracle in my life. This whole week I was depressed because I have no idea what the crap I would do when I get back from the mission. I have prayed and prayed and have waited for an answer, I even almost started to cry in frustration today in the celestial room waiting for an answer. For some reason I just felt an overwhelming peace after I got out of the temple, like a don’t worry stay happy kind of a peace. So when I got here I was so glad to hear about the opportunity! My prayer was answered!! I specifically asked God what was a talent in my life that i could use to help him and his kingdom here on earth. I didn’t even think about it until you said something and it just hit me like a two by four in the face. I could use my language talents, cause i speak Spanish and Portuguese!   Well also i was thinking about going to the University of Utah after my mission and find my career there. I think that will be good for me, I have a few friends on the miss that want to go there to study for college, so i think that will be cool.

I could feel those prayers and the fasts that you guys did for us. In fact I was blessed this last week because of it. So we were walking on the street this last week and i felt an urge to tuck my camera and my wallet into my pants, cause i felt that we might be robbed. About 20 seconds later i felt the urge to look back. When i looked back i saw a man walking really fast holding what seemed to be a knife tucked in his jacket sleeve with his hand. I then told my comp to start walking faster until we got to the corner. Coming up on us he said slow down i have to talk to you. When he said that i just told my comp to run and we ran, and the guy stayed at the corner, put his hands in the air with the knife and swore at us. I was like YES!!! Someone is praying for us. Wow have i learned to listen to the spirit on the mission. But then after i just thought wow, a Glock would of been so much easier 🙂 Haha.

So ya we had two baptisms this last Sunday, so that was cool and we might have 3 this week if all works out:) Well im doing great and i will keep you updated on everything about the call within this next week.

Well im doing great and i love you all and hope the best to you all! Love Elder Fuller….. Until Christmas:)

C’Jays 90th letter
December 1, 2010

Hey, first off this is a new car shaniah, don’t let mom try to play mind games with you! Its still going down here so the first one who cracks wins a brand new car.

I’m so excited that you all are having fun and going to Christmas things right now I am so stinking excited to go to them with all of you when I get back. I don’t need anything right now.

So we are planning on having at least 10 baptisms for this month of December, Pray for us and i can feel the prayers that you are giving to us these last few days were just blessings for us in our area.:) Except for the pugas that invaded our house.. and now we are getting eaten alive, and comes to find our that i am allergic to pugas, So that sucks!!! But o well three more months of brazil and its back to the good ol red white and blue:) Love you all and don’t ever forget to thank god for where you live 🙂 It is not by chance that we live there, stay firm and don’t let the little things make you lose the bigger ones 🙂 talk to you all next week. Love you all so much and don’t worry about sending anything to me anymore save it for later. Also they keep our presents for Christmas so ya i probably got them, thanks a ton!!!! LOVE ELDER FULLER

 C’Jays 89th letter
December 1, 2010

Hey guys, So thanksgiving didn’t work out the way we planned, we had so much to do that day that it didn’t work out how we wanted it. We ended up going to a churrascuria( like rodizio grill) so it was alright. Well now for this week we got 3 dates marked and ready to go for this Sunday. We started up sports night again and it has seemed to pay off when we do, tons of kids get interested and want to learn and when they learn they end up getting baptized. Since the first day I presented it to the bishop and he was really enthused about it enough that he went and bought two soccer nets, basket ball nets, and a volley ball net as well. We have been playing for one week and our fruits have paid off!! I’m really excited because our mission is starting to use it now. 

? I am having a good time here but this area is a tough one here. I was thinking about the present that you already bought me and i was just wondering what the heck it is. Jdee or shanaiah who ever tells me first what my present is before Christmas will get a car when i get home. Hurry Hurry Hurry!!!!

But ya i am doing good and we are coming up on only 3 months left in two weeks:) wooooo!! O ya so every missionary waits to get a call from the secretaries that ask them” What is the closest airport to your house?” And from that call you know that you are almost dead. So two days ago i got that call and i breathed in and the air was sweet and just all around appetizing.

I just want to let you all know the i love you and miss you all a lot. Keep praying for me to get strength during these last few months so that i can finish out strong!!! LOVE ALMOST DEAD ELDER FULLER:)

P.S. “Put another shrimp on the barbe”, because we are totally watching all the hit movies that came out when i get back. See you soon.

C’Jays 88th letter
November 24, 2010

 So ya i am doing great here. It’s so cool to see the pics on the eagle scout. It was pretty cool man. Congrats. Mom also congrats on the cake, it was sweet!!! So ya jdee you are going to be an excellent missionary man its not even funny. So this week was a good week, I’m down town so there is a lot of crazy stuff.

we will have 1 baptism this week and then 1 more the next already planned and confirmed. It’s going to be legit! I’m so excited me and my comp are starting a new idea that we came up with here and i think it’s going to work. We thought about taking our whole zone to one area that is struggling a little and then helping them out to get a bigger teaching group in their area. It will be such a great and awesome experience I can’t wait to start it tomorrow will be our first. I hope you all will pray and keep me in your prayers and fasts as well, because i will need it. Mom dad don’t you even worry about presents yet, I say we just go shopping together in March when I get back and when everyone is home. Sounds good? Also I want all of us to plan a lake Powell trip this summer as well. I want to go boating so bad!!! Let’s do it!!! So ya i have to go now so i will talk to you all later this next week. Have a good one guys.



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